Breath holding ……again

I’ve HAD to dig out Eric to blog out my frustration…

One of those weeks again I’m afraid:(

I think I’ve pretty much described the area I live and work and it’s community make-up.

What I haven’t said before is that two of the three 7/7 London suicide bombers were from round here ……SHOCK …..and from memory I think it was the first time it was acknowledged  in the mainstream that we had  discontented Muslims  in our communities and these lads were ‘home grown’

Although shocking …it didn’t suprise folk living in towns like this ….described as an area of ‘deprivation’ …..a lot of young people ( particularly boys) across the racial spectrum somewhat lost and directionless …CONSTANTLY being sold a life of material wealth that just seems SO far out of reach …like ALL young people …searching for where they ‘fit in’

So what do they do?

Well on one side…there’s a HUGE drug problem …..which in turn leads to addiction and crime …

Hmmmmm …..and yes ……easy pickings for more powerful criminals and/or corrupt religious leaders espousing hatred

I think we ALL remember the horrific 9/11 attack in New York …..I was on maternity leave at the time …..I remember I was out shopping ……remember walking past curry’s electrical store and these planes crashing into a building on the silent TV screens ….it didn’t really register ….just thought it was some kind of action movie …..didn’t really take much notice ….untill I got home!!!!?

And I don’t think it’s accidental that the attack was planned to replicate some kind of Hollywood action movie ….the twin towers representing the global financial/capitalist power house ……it was all VERY symbolic but THIS time the story was horrifically REAL!!!!

And what did the ‘West’ do? ……Mr George W Bush stuck on his cowboy hat and went off all gun ho ……..I think it’s safe to say he had absolutely NO understanding of Islamic culture ….he had not even travelled abroad …not left American shores before becoming president ….SCARY!!! …..then Tony Blair scuttled off after him ….and the rest is history …the latest hitting mainstream media being the suicide bomb attack in Brussels this week

Anyway ….I CLEARLY do not have any kind of in depth knowledge re world politics ….but I am entitled to an ‘opinion’ like anyone else

Sadly there IS a certain branch of Islam preaching fascism and wanting some kind of new world order or ‘Islamic State’ prepared to use violent extremism …..

BUT ….likewise our democratically elected governments are ALSO not beyond reproach…in the pockets of wealthy corporations ….a kind of ‘Capitalist Facism’ if you like….excluding great swathes of their electorate

BOTH need to get into some kind of dialogue and find some kind of middle ground ……there IS a lot we can learn from Islamic AND other cultures …..there is a LOT good about democracy and liberalism too …can different cultures LEARN from each other …..compromise …..adapt ……take the best bits and work together and move on in a different more positive way?

It frustrates the HELL out of me

Can we learn?

Think BEYOND boundaries

It’s the 21st Century for sake!!!’

Time to move the hell  on up if you ask me!!!!l



2 thoughts on “Breath holding ……again

  1. Some interesting points and I share your sense of frustration. There are a few things I’d add to this discussion. The problem of extreme Islamism or Jihadism is not about West vs. East or rich vs. poor or another polar division in my view. Islam is a complex collection of ideas not a state or a race and ISIS are a group who wish to impose a particular, narrow view of Islam on the world using violence. I do agree that concentrated deprivation and challenges for young Muslims in finding “positive British Muslim identities” contribute to the problem of recruiting to Jahidism. I think that it is essential for the UK as a secular, rights-protecting environment to facilitate moderate voices in Islam, not just in policy but culturally.

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  2. Oh Thankyou …THANKYOU for your comment …much more eloquently put than my frustrated rant:D:D:D
    I ABSOLUTELY agree with what you say …. and I am hopeful we are getting there …albeit very sloooowly:)


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