So what IS secularism?

Ok … ….following on from this REALLY stressful and frustrating week ….Matts comment re my …’I Think Its Called’ post …. plus the Christian Easter celebrations going on at the moment….thought I needed to define ‘secularism’ ….which the UK aims to be really …….a ‘secular society’ …..Hmmmmmm we’ve still got a ‘Royal Family’ and the ‘Church of England’ ….but ‘yes’ I guess under ‘secularism’ there is room for these too ……it depends how they use their ‘positions’ in society really …..but ANYWAY the following link provides a pretty good definition if you ask me …….it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘atheist’ but is a framework which endeavours to provide equality for all

Thing is there’s ‘equal’ and ‘equal’ isn’t there?

Ok …different belief systems are accounted for …but in measuring ‘equality’ …equal to who and what? ……who sets the standard? …..and is the bar impossible to reach for many? ….if we’re after ‘equality’ how much is ‘enough’? …….it’s relatively easy for those below the baseline to WANT to step up ….but are those sailing way above the stratosphere re what they ‘HAVE’ able to step down a little ….give up some of their resources and power to enable a more level playing field? … this indeed at all possible? …..and what would happen if everyone abandoned ‘faith’  or ‘ethics’ of some kind and all you were left with was the ‘secularism’ itself ….some would argue that this is what is happening ….science without ethics …. capitalism without ethics …..forming a ‘religion’ in themselves of sorts …. one which promotes a kind of human narcissism both individually and collectively …..individual ‘rights’ or ‘entitlement’ over responsibility and compassion

Hmmmmm is there an overarching ethical/philosophical framework which could encompass all for a society of the 21st century I wonder?

……just throwing the ‘thought’ out there as per

Ok …Ok ….I’ll stop rambling now …..HERE IS THE LINK! …….think  I’m just wanting to show off I’ve sussed out how to link really:D:D:D

Ooops …must go and sort the laundry now or I’m going to end up with an odd sock mountain again:D:D:D

And it’s eggs tomorrow … symbolism ..spring …rebirth ..the resurrection …

Or …day off work with the kids to eat chocolate HURRAH …hey c’mon ..I live in the 21st century … like celebrations of ANY kind ..ESPECIALLY ones involving chocolate eggs :D:D 😉

15 thoughts on “So what IS secularism?

  1. I live in a secular world and I am a believer. I don’t feel as if any of my religious freedoms have ever been violated. I would hate if my right to assemble as a believer were taken away but then is when you rely upon your individual relationship with God to get you through and it requires more obedience to love and care for ones neighbors as an act of worship.

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    1. That’s GREAT Tony ….I do wonder about Capitalism gone too far tho … you know …if you have secularism without SOME kind of ethical base …but then would that undermine the very idea of secularism in the first place? …..hmmmmm it’s food for thought tho …I really respect your beliefs Tony …your DEFINATELY one of the good guys even tho you blog so much it’s hard to keep up:D:D:D
      Thankyou for your comment and a Happy Easter to you and yours:)


  2. :D:D:D I understand Tony …that’s why I keep having to bury Eric …it gets a bit addictive this blogging milarkey ….I could quite easily get nothing else done ….I’m having to excersise STRICT discipline …which is NOT one of my strengths :D:D:D


  3. Just started to “follow” (as you did mine, and thanks!) and read some. On ethics – that’s a swampy road, very subjective. When I was Christian, it had been my dream that my “religion” and “faith” would always be there to point to right way; that fellow believers, esp. leaders, elders, could always be relied upon to give proper guidance. Utter disaster, that. So on my own, I look at the global picture and I can see it’s kind of gone off the rails, so I pull back to devise a personal approach strategy, one that cannot fail me because it only depends on me. I chose, and choose, to approach life from a standard of compassion, with no expectations from any other. I detach from all the collective claims, hopes, dreams, and endless, or spontaneous eruptions of demonstrations or rallies for this, anti-that. My own sense of ethics becomes my guide on a daily basis and therefore I suffer much less ups and downs. It’s simple, as I used to define “sin” in my faith days: sin is doing harm to another (any other, not just human) for one’s own profit, gain or pleasure. Basically my approach to the chaos that is modern life is now strictly from self-empowerment; personal choice, no one else involved: detachment. It only has to work for me and it’s not dependent upon anyone, or anything, else’s performance. The ultimate conscientious objector. Collective power-redefining concepts like voting in liberal democracies, or violent revolutions in disintegrating post-imperial nations (Middle East, Africa) create illusory changes. Only personal empowerment can change anything because it changes the empowered one.

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    1. Yep totally agree ….I’ve never really attached to a particular religion but have met many folk of different ones and been extremely fortunate to have been included in their places of worship.
      Tuning into 0m ….as I call it …(basically because I feel it’s the best and simplest description I find personally) is the way to inner peace and clarity …if only everyone cottoned on ….ah well ( sigh) maybe if everyone did we would have nothing to get frustrated about …maybe life is supposed to be some kind of battle:)

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  4. Secularism should work in principle but as you state those groups ‘with’ are unlikely to redistribute their wealth or power so it will always be unequal! Faith or belief is a very personal thing as Sha states above – religion is the organisation that often leads to corruption and then disenchantment as Sha and too many others have experienced. Deciding our own values, taking responsibility for our own choices and endeavouring to be ‘good’ citizens as guide by our own inner ethics is a far more humane approach.

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  5. Pleasure

    “We are all spiritual beings on an earthly journey”


    “Whilst we can (and should) celebrate our differences, let not our varying beliefs divide us, but let the Spirit of our shared humanity be what defines and unites us…all.”

    Wouldn’t all the problems of the world be solved then!


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  6. I understand the move to secularism if you only feel your senses inform your experience and describe your reality, at least ‘conscious reality’. They claim absolute values and I would generally describe secularism as another kind of religion. I guess if you have no contact with or know your spirit, this is one of your only options and embodies universal ideas that most religions can get along with. I believe consciousness is fundamental to nature, behind it, matter follows. I would follow the internal guidance you feel most. For truly everything you need is within yourself. At least that’s my experience and view from here, subject to change until someone has something better, and they don’t. We must accept the in interpersonal nature of consciousness and realize we are all in it together literally, we are not separate from the Universe and there is no objective Truth. There are only conjectures and theories and then your personal subjective experience. Being Mindful is being aware of how your actions affect reality and others around you and vice versa. You have to include the observer in your calculus.

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