This morning ….

So….got up as per usual Sunday morning…had breakfast …sorted laundry and took up to Mohammed …
My house is pretty small room for a dryer …so I take my washing up to the local laundrette for drying …Mohammed owns it and if left all day ensures the weeks washing is dried and folded so neatly no ironing is required …HURRAH!!! ….and all for £4 … he is indeed the saviour of THIS household:D

Anyway … before taxi’ing the eldest I had a quick look at Eric who I had unusually left downstairs on the floor …on opening his jacket there was a message from WordPress with a zig zag saying Blog On was experiencing ‘heavy traffic’!!!?

What the HELL does THAT mean? …thought I

Now USUALLY I get 1/2 a dozen visits at most to my rambling sepia tinged little blog ..and even THAT suprises me …but yesterday for one day only …it appears things went a little mad and ‘Blog On’ got an additional 94 visits from the Netherlands!!!??:D:D:D ….bizarre!!! ….why???….is it a glitch/error? WordPress randomly plug a post in a particular country or something? ….did ‘Save the Egg’ strike some kind of chord???:D:D:D

Anyway …this blogging milarkey is a fascinating experience isn’t it? But I really AM going to have to bury Eric somewhere and take a break for the next couple of weeks as have SO much going on at the moment I really need to FOCUS and refind my Om:D:D:D
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all kinds of blogs from all over the globe …THANYOU to all bloggers out there for opening up my world and restoring SOME faith that all is not lost:)

Ooh ….and I’ll finish here with a tribute to one of Eric’s positive attributes

When I first got him I downloaded this lovely little app …every morning ..between first and second alarm ( I am not naturally a morning person:D …anyway …yes …every morning he sounds a tinkling chime to announce delivery of a yoga quote …..below are what I received  over the last week or so:):):)

If I DO end up loosing everything the next couple of weeks I guess there is far worse than spending the rest of my life in pyjamas Eric in hand:D:D

‘Syria’ could happen anywhere …..

It’s  5 years since the start of the Syrian war ……it began with a peaceful protest by the people demanding ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ from their government and were shot at with many killed

Is there ANYWHERE in the world right now that has true ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ …..where does the power lie?

Just throwing it out there …..a little ‘food for thought’

I KNEW it!!!!

Had noticed in recent years ANOTHER change to a classic piece of confectionary to substandard quality …

The Terry’s Chocolate Orange!!!

This thing was a work of art ….the packaging ….the …’tap it …unwrap it’ ….or drop the thing with force onto a hard surface to transform it from a solid dimpled globe of delicious creamy chocolate into proper orange shaped segments which were more manageable to eat:D:D:D


But SERIOUSLY Christmas wasn’t Christmas unless you got one of these in your stocking:D:D:D

And guess what I have just found out …..’Terry’s’ were ALSO taken over by ‘Kraft Foods’ a couple of years ago which is now ‘Mondalez International’ ….this company is RIPPING FOLK OFF I tell you

Where is the ‘honesty’ in business? …..Do we REALLY have a society run by Narcissists and Psychopaths who don’t give a damn? ……Hmmmmm it’s looking like it isn’t it?







Save the Egg!!!

Ok ……I reckon we’re all pretty much aware that we have/are being screwed by the large multi nationals …financial institutions AND companies ….it’s all gone a bit bezerk …aggressive capitalism running rampant ….SCREW THE LITTLE MAN!!! …..and contrary to what we are being sold …it does NOT mean superior product and greater choice for the consumer.

I came across a fine example of this …one that is close to my heart …whilst having my Friday eve scroll through the posts of the blogs I am following.

I am following an interesting blog called ‘Planet Simon’ I urge anyone reading this to take a look at his post ‘An Open Letter to Cadbury’s’

Now ….Easter is approaching and at this time of year the shops in Britain are flooded with a classic piece of British confectionary called the ‘Cadbury’s Creme Egg’ ……now the firm Cadbury which I believe was well over a hundred years old was bought out by ‘Kraft Foods’ a few years ago who have in turn changed to ‘Modalez International’ an American company.



But …..THEY HAVE CHANGED THE RECIPE!!!!! …’s an OUTRAGE!!!:D:D:D ….not only have the eggs shrunk considerably in recent years and the price gone up …but this year …the multipacks have been reduced from 6 to 5 eggs in a pack ( EVERYONE knows eggs are sold by the 1/2 dozen don’t they? ….DON’T THEY!!???)

Well apparantly not Modalez International …..and WORSE they have changed the recipe of a product very much part of the British culture!!!!

This is a fine example of large multinationals buying up smaller companies ….USING their good name and selling us back a cheap substandard product at a more expensive price …..RIP OFF!!!!

So as of yesterday I for one am boycotting this product ….and I am going to make little slips with messages to drop into the eggs as I pass them in local stores ….Simon is planning to start a Twitter Feed …..VIVRE REVOLUTION I say:D:D:D….and please feel free to join.

Now this might seem daft and trivial …but it’s an important message really ….like I’ve said before …it’s all ‘supply and demand’ these days isn’t it? ……about time we turned it around to ‘demand and supply’ AND IT COULD START WITH AN EGG!!!:D:D:D

And honestly you guys in the US and elsewhere …you ARE being sold short if you accept this product as is ….DEMAND authenticity ….they’re using the ‘label’ at least give us the proper product.



A few ‘hint droppers’

RIGHT …let me see …so who have we got here? …in no particular order

African Tribal Guy, Jesus, Mohammed, Gaia, Guru Nanak, Native American Earth Mother, Patanjali, Aboriginal Artist,Buddha

I’m sure there’s probably many more ….

But anyway …not only would it make an incredible dinner party:D:D:D ….pared down they are ALL pretty much saying the same thing by way of recognising the ‘connection’ between the human …each other ….other species …nature as a whole including space … and the ‘spiritual’ or ‘energy’ therein

There IS no seperation!!! ….we are mere micro organisms on a small but beautiful planet in a VAST universe:)

As mere humans we are here to live THIS life right now ….the ups and downs …ALL of it…but stay ‘open’ keep learning and growing ….perfect in our imperfection …taking time out to ‘meditate’ ‘pray’ ‘tune in to Om’ as I probably blasphemously call it …….but anyway YES take time out  to cleeeeeeear the mind …peace DEFINATELY ….clarity MAYBE ..and direction HOPEFULLY….can you imagine if we ALL did THAT!!!

I find it fascinating that all these ‘belief’ systems occurring all over the world LONG before any form of mass communication …pared down say pretty much the same ….if that ain’t dropping the hint there’s something in it ….AND that we’re flying WELL off kilter ….I don’t know what is:D:D:D

And I don’t know about you but although ALSO facinating …. the international space programme just seems to have shown us dusty old barran wastelands thus far…whatever angle you look at it from …earth is by FAR the most diverse and beautiful planet seen by humans…it needs A LOT of healing and nurturing right now …..not just our own little patch on it and sod the rest ….it doesn’t work like that …systems theory remember ….it requires the WHOLE …maybe in the past we could plead ignorance ….not any more tho with today’s global communication and technology …..individually AND collectively it IS our priority job:)
…..Hmmmmmmmm and when I think about it …..if we managed to pull it off … THAT indeed would be an ultimate definition of ‘love’:)

But hark at ME!!D:D:D …..can’t even get the basic family unit right so maybe a TAD ambitious thinking world peace and harmony is a possibility:D:D:D……hmmmmmmm still think the above named ‘hint droppers’ would make for an AMAZING dinner party tho….would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at THAT one:D:D:D

Actually No ….would need to throw in one or two athiests …maybe some undecideds …current world leaders …religious and political ….ooooh and not forgetting top international scientists and a peppering of corporate multinational bods into the mix ….just for added entertainment value……THAT would indeed be AWESOME!!!:D:D:D 😉

RIGHT …..I’m off  to tackle the sock mountain ….maybe solving the mystery of the multiplying odd socks is a more realistic and achievable goal…..





Then again ….maybe not:D:D:D