Board Games ….

Oh yes …..there has been a bit of a theme the past few weeks

Firstly …during the Easter hols the boys and myself had to dig them out …for reasons I will explain later …..I wish I could say a lot of fun was had by all ….after much bickering …huffing and puffing …the eldest skulked off declaring they should actually be renamed ‘bored games’… then blow me if I don’t find him later trying to recreate the old models he once had from the giant box of Lego I had secreted into the porch with a view to getting rid of. I thought they had forgotten about its existence …but oh no ….. IT IS NOW BACK IN THE HOUSE!!!!

A 16 year old playing with Lego!!?? …..THAT would SERIOUSLY damage his ‘street cred’:D:D:D …..AND he’s been joined by the youngest ….I was kind of hoping the days of stepping barefoot on stray little bits of Lego were over!!!

I once read somewhere there were more pieces of Lego on the planet than actual people ….think about it …..if that was the case a couple of years ago what will be the situation another generation down the line!!!??? …Hmmmmm maybe it could be recycled and used to solve the housing shortage ….anyway I digress

SO …….that’s board games on a micro level


On a macro level we have had the  so called ‘Panama Papers’ and the exposure of global corruption with offshore tax havens for the rich and powerful. Well I think we all pretty much knew about it ANYWAY but the ACTUAL expose has been interesting ….there is a movement going on in Iceland to put Pirates in power …SERIOUSLY …their Prime Minister quit and the ‘Pirate Party’ are gathering momentum:D:D:D

It’s not a suprise folk get angry is it …… these folk MAKE the rules that the rest of us HAVE to follow ….whilst they just merrily take the ( and I’m not referring to the Pirates ..who although somewhat tongue in cheek are not totally taking the piss and actually sound to make some sense …their party name is actually inspired:D:D:D

Oh and in addition we have had the Indian company Tata putting the steel industry up for sale here ….potentially leaving communities floundering …..the people of Port Talbot are trying desperately to come up with a viable plan ( sounds like a positive one too …in terms of making the industry more environmentally conscious in its steel production methods) but needing government support …..hmmmm … this space.

And lastly I ….oh yes I …have been a victim of global organised crime!!!! …..I kid you NOT ….. not JUST by the guys exposed above who are apparantly ripping me off legally …. BEJEEZUS….as if I didn’t have enough on my plate …. if your going to be an organised criminal at least DON’T pick on the little guy!!!

Oh I don’t know ….maybe stick them ALL in a room together to battle it out over a game of Monopoly ……peace could then be restored when one of them gets fed up and brings out a giant box of Lego for a little free thinking creative bonding….RESULT!!!


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