Move on up ….

Ok ……so abandoned the blogging for a while …HAD to ….not only did I need to FOCUS on things going on here but as I was struggling with self discipline it seems ‘fate’ intervened as 2 days after my last post I was FORCED to close ALL tech down

Anyway …think I said a couple of weeks ago when feeling somewhat bleak and frustrated ‘We’re in the 21st Century for f…ks sake! Time to move the HELL on up if you ask me ‘

And so it is …

Another retro song I have been listening to is one of old Mr Mayfield’s….the clue of the title being the name of this post
They don’t call it ‘soul’ music for nothing AND you HAVE to respect someone who can pull off wearing a bright yellow flared trouser suit such as THAT:D:D:D …..Have a listen while you make your breakfast in the morning …it will lift your spirits and have you a-singing and a-grooving in your kitchen GUARANTEED!!!!


SO …where am I now? ….well I was ‘hacked’ again via a scam following my internet provider being ‘hacked’ last year …I was told last time not to worry as none of my accounts had been affected ..but this time EVERYTHING had to be closed down ( fate apparantly intervening to curb my Blogaddiction as mentioned above) after a good deal of hastle, changes to tech and board games …everything now back on

Am also FINALLY divorced as of yesterday afternoon …and if anyone has been through THAT …you know what it’s like ……it feels like going through a bereavement process but the person is still there and you BOTH have to adjust to a different relationship and remain amicable…when kids are involved you ALL have to adjust ….so I can’t see how anyone takes the decision lightly …it’s not an easy process.

ANYWAY I think we have got there at last …We still have a roof over our head PLUS a formalised ‘shared care’ arrangement so the boys spend much needed time with their Dad ….I’m also now flat broke whereas my solicitor is probably planning her early retirement to the Bahama’s

I have also apparantly survived the latest ‘reconfiguration’ at work too …I think? … think I might have just struck lucky for now ….have got a new manager who seems passionate about the job and not a TOTAL android for a change HURRAH ….still to get through the NEXT phase tho which is being called the ‘Transformation’ :D:D:D ….Hmmmmm feels more like a kind of ‘Morphing’ into ……not sure what?:D:D:D ….clever use of terminology tho me thinks by those sitting in the board room playing chess

BUT at least I now know where I stand in terms of being able to close a chapter of my life and GO FOREWARD …….to ……..GOD KNOWS WHERE:D:D:D …..I’m still kind of thinking of the 2 year which is now 22 month plan so need to get my skates on :/

STILL …’s quite a good feeling at the moment:D:D:D …..the boys are growing up ….used  to feel a little sad with every milestone reached …but these days at least doubt I’ll experience ’empty nest syndrome’ as I am kind of getting used to that part time’s important for them to have a relationship with BOTH parents I feel …and to tell the truth having a little space and freedom is rather nice …maybe for ALL of us
Been thinking too ….

‘Blog On!!!’ is a little ……er …….a little …..let’s say ….’curt’ …it sounds a bit ‘in your face’ doesn’t it?:D:D:D …..and I’m not really like that ….HONEST …….ok ….ok ….well maybe a bit ……..just a little …….in a ‘tongue in cheek”northern’ sort of way:D:D:D….Hey England is not ALL thatched cottages and cricket on the lawn …. you have to be able to ‘hold your own’ around here you know :D:D:D

And WHY did I choose a muddy grey/brown background with 1/2 a sepia face peeping through a hole at the top!!???

To tell the truth I hadn’t a clue what I was doing ….just did a basic blog but picked a colour for the background I thought looked good and my ‘Gravatar’ or whatever it’s called just appeared at the top:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….having read many MANY blogs over the past 6 months I am AMAZED anyone has even looked at it:D:D:D ….and Thankyou AGAIN to those who have

And it’s kind of spurred me on ……in keeping with my turning the page on one life chapter and starting a new one I have decided to start a new blog also …Hmmmmm lets just say I am influenced by the inspiring blogs from all over the globe that I am following …wanting to retain my own voice yet reflect a new direction

Hmmmm …I’ve had all sorts thrown at me in my time …3 comments come to mind of which I will now answer …

1.’Are you stupid? …

A little silly/lighthearted sometimes maybe ….I think it’s some kind of reflex I have when things start to feel a little ‘serious’ AND as I keep saying…think we could ALL do with retaining a little spirit of 3…. and YES that might be annoying at times ….one needs to know when it is NOT appropriate:D:D:D…and I HAVE matured over the years…….a little. ……Hmmmm also I may not have had the BEST education ….no scrap that too …I may not have had the best FORMAL education …maybe made poor life choices sometimes too …but it’s ALL experience …and I am FAR from ‘stupid’;)

2.’Your too ‘open’ and take things too much to heart’ ….

Maybe …but am learning and feel am MUCH better at distancing, being more objective and rationalising than I once was ..I wouldn’t want to loose the ‘heart’ ANYWAY

  1. ‘You’ve got ideas WAY above your station on THAT one’ …

WELL voice/thoughts are no better or worse than anyone else’s …I am SO not interested in ‘stations’ …..who wants to be stuck at a station? … I’m in it for the journey and may finally get to review it when I reach the end…….or not

SO … my NEW blog for the NEXT life chapter is called ‘Halcyon’ at ….that sounds MUCH better doesn’t it? …smooth the edges so to speak:D:D:D

I will probably still use ‘Blog On’ for retrospectives and frustrated rants but am hoping for some ‘Halcyon’ days AHEAD ….don’t anticipate looking back too much …been there, done that, bought the teeshirt:D:D:D


Phew!!! think I’m on a bit of blogroll …time to get comfy and read for a bit

5 thoughts on “Move on up ….

  1. I could write a whole page on your page up there, but I’ll just say, I enjoyed that. My turn to run and scrabble; just turned in from a great day of kayaking and soaking up the early sun on the Fraser River. So now, to the task at hand. Take care o’ you!

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    1. Agree ….there always seems to be SOME hurdle thrown in the way ….sometimes think I must have done something wrong in a past life:D:D…….either that or I’m just an idiot who doesn’t think things through properly:D:D
      Glad you had a lovely break ….they’re like breathing spaces between the ‘full on’ ness of life ….much needed:)

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