Spring is Springing at last :D

So today has been one of those fresh Spring days …warmish in the sun but bloody freezing when the clouds came over and a nippy wind…..ANYWAY have been to one of my favorite places for further evidence that THIS most wonderful of seasons has actually arrived….it’s just down the road from here ….a little known gem …..actually it was heaving with folk today so maybe not as little known as it was …..hmmmmmm they’re kind of marketing these parts as the gallery triangle or something …or am I mixing that up with the rhubarb triangle somewhere round here ….ANYWAY I took a few pics on Eric …I know , I know this is hardly wildlife photography ….most of them are probably not native wild flowers although there IS my perennial favorite the Dandilion in there ….yes …yes …I know some would say …’THATS A WEED’ …but to me it is a wild flower …my scrap of a garden is full of them ….I say to folk …

‘It is what’s termed today a wild garden …they’re very in vogue don’t you know’:D:D:D

And you might be saying …’So why aren’t you posting on your new blog?’ ..well to be honest I feel more comfy here for the moment ….think I might have been getting a bit carried away:D:D:D ….anyway I don’t want to ruin the look of it …AND it’s sticking and blocking like crazy …I had that when I set this one up tho …does it always happen? ….anyway here is my evidence that Spring has finally sprung



As I said before …it was heaving with folk today ….BUT I found a quiet spot on the bridge and LOOK WHO APPEARED!!! as if from NOWHERE …not a duck, goose or any other sign of life in sight …just this gorgeous creature careering from the bushes right towards me …now I don’t know if it was a male and his partner was on the nest somewhere …but I like to think it was a lone female …and I chewed the fat with it …AND IT LISTENED!!!! …I SWEAR it did …there was nothing else around and it just kind of sat ( well kind of floated) in the same spot right in front of me for AGES chewing the fat:D:D:D …..WELL have a look and judge for yourself:D:D:D ….we just chewed the fat for a bit in the peace and quiet then went our seperate ways:)……..and back to the madness of the working week tomorrow

Oops forgot to say where I had been …it is the wonderful YSP ( Yorkshire Sculpture Park) a fabulous place for a wander ….if you want to know more about it maybe google it:)

6 thoughts on “Spring is Springing at last :D

  1. God …just looked at it again …it doesn’t look much like Spring has sprung does it? …it looks as if it’s kind of trying to but not quite there yet


  2. Your description of your today weather reads exactly how it was here: sunny in early morning, brisk and quite cold west-south west wind, then clouding over until about noon, then clearing up and warming up some. Your trees don’t have leaves in them yet, ours do now. I think your swan was hoping for seeds or bread crumbs… sorry, that’s not romantic… 🙂

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    1. Ha ha Sha Tara …you’re probably right about the swan …it was a nice serene experience though …Hmmmmm maybe there’s a market for ‘Swan Therapy’:D:D:D they make very good listeners ….very calming and nodding their heads at the appropriate moment:D:D:D
      I might give it a go again in a couple of weeks …note the changes of the trees etc …and if he/she is still there take some seeds ….maybe yesterday was just an initial free consultation:D:D:D
      You enjoy you’re Kayak’ing or whatever you’re up to:):):):):) ….it’s amazing how 2 worlds can collide across the ether …and Thankyou for your comment :):):):):):)


  3. Oops and just noticed the Dandilion ISN’T there ….never mind tho …maybe at least I’m ‘moving on up’ from just an appreciation of the humble dandilion …I DO actually like them tho …especially their clocks:)


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