Feeling fired up ….

Following my post re the ‘lone worker device’ and my reply to poet pas comment am feeling fired up …..SO angry and frustrated re what is happening yet feeling powerless …have been on the demo’s …..it seems to make no difference ….even ‘criminalised’ in main stream media …a bunch of public sector workers ..Police , Fire Crews , Dr’s, Nurses, Teachers, Ambulance Crews, Dustmen , Home Care Workers …it’s INSANE!!!!

Oh …but maybe …just MAYBE ….the J.C effect could truly take hold ….it’s caused some minor shifts in rhetoric but he’s largely not taken seriously and even ridiculed …..hmmmmmm but at ground level ….the groundswell took everyone by suprise …even J.C himself:D:D:D

I am of course referring to Jeremy Corbyn and not Jesus Christ ….but c’mon Jezza …we WANT you to be something akin to the ‘second coming’:D:D:D

ANYWAY the following are images courtesy of google images …I think they originate largely from the guardian newspaper …..THERES a suprise:D:D:D

Ooooooh just LOOK how menacing these folk are:D:D:D


3 thoughts on “Feeling fired up ….

    1. Yes it is!!! …I am trying to remain calm, serene and Halcyon ish but your ONE little comment set me off on one …oh Mr multifaced cynical punk poet:D:D:D


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