2 women who have been very much part of my life

And no ….I have never met either of them personally …

Firstly I will talk of Elizabeth who has ALWAYS been there ……on stamps ….coins ….featured in the media …

I have said before …and people find this surprising of me …but I DO respect this lady


Well ….I will share with you this rare picture I have, which I cut from somewhere …can’t remember where now or why ….but ANYWAY

This is a picture of a young woman …..I think she’s 22 and it’s it taken by her husband as they were returning to the UK having had to cut their honeymoon short due to news that her father had died. I’m sure will agree that you can feel the emotion in this picture. Not only does she look quite beautiful ….but there is a vulnerability about her captured here…..you just want to give her a hug:)

The young woman is of course Elizabeth Windsor ….can you imagine how she must have been feeling at this time ….a mix of grieving the loss of her father …..being a newly wed …probably fear too re the weight of ‘responsibility’ about to be placed on her shoulders at the age of TWENTY TWO!!!

I don’t’ really have respect for ‘royalty’ in principle …but I just can’t help having respect for Elizabeth the woman…….she didn’t ASK to be born into the life she was born into …..she didn’t seek ‘fame’ like today’s celebrities who are worshipped like ‘god’s’ and for WHAT exactly?

No …..this lady was born of another time ….she probably wouldn’t understand my ancestors just like I don’t understand hers BUT she has handled all the changes and upheavals in her life and lifetime pretty well really.

Will there still be a role for ‘royalty’ when she has passed?       Hmmmmmm …..I guess it depends what they do with that privelage …….none of can change the ‘family’ we are born into. But we CAN continually learn, develop and grow ….change perspective for the better ….Hmmmmm I WOULD like to find out how the ‘Royal ascent’ was used to pass the Health and Social Care Act 2012 tho :(…..so I guess it’s a case of ‘watch this space’ ….But meanwhile ….Happy 90th Birthday Elizabeth …..NINETY!!! fit and active THATS an acheivment in itself.

And so to another ‘Royal’ ….this time a writer, comedian, actor and musician. I am referring to Victoria Wood .  Now unless you’re from the uk you have probably never heard of her ……but for me as a kid ….watching Victoria Wood ( at the time with her lifelong friend Julie Walters …who you MIGHT recognise or not) on the telly with my Mum is one of those lovely memories …I LOVED to see my Mum laugh:)
Before Victoria Wood the only comedians you saw on the telly were men ….and MOST were bloody terrible ….and I MEAN terrible!

For the first time there were 2 women on T.V that I ‘got’ …god …they even SOUNDED a bit like my older sisters:D:D:D   

SO …this is my tribute to Victoria who died unexpectedly on Thursday …the same day as Elizabeths birthday. Thankyou Victoria for making BOTH my Mum and myself laugh:)

I will finish with a quote Victoria asked her family to post on her Twitter feed when she died.


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