So ….I started the week feeling ‘fired up’ regarding having to be issued with the ‘lone worker device’ and Youbi’s situation blogged in her most recent post

I am also following the blog of a young man released from prison approximately a year ago and trying to make a fresh start ….doing pretty well too to date considering his situation …it does NOT sound easy

ANYWAY …this week …he also was struck by tragic loss …this time of a workmate in an industrial accident. Of course the company is non unionised …’Trade Union’ being a dirty word(s) these days ….a term and ideology almost relegated to history BUT noticeable in its absence I feel by the roll back of any kind of protection/respect for the employees in the majority of areas of employment.

I understand due to the nature of the accident a health and safety inspection of the site is going to take place ….so that’s SOME consolation at least.

His blog is ‘’ and the post he made about the accident is a raw splurge of emotion …..I’m sure any ‘likes’ or ‘comments’ would be appreciated:)

And it got me thinking about ‘Life’ ………for me it seems that in the world today we are at a stage not too dissimilar to the beginning of the 20th century in some ways ….despite global ‘wealth’ there is STILL ‘suffrage’ for many. A kind of human and national narcissism causing those of less advantage’s rights to CONTINUE to be ignored or worse.

Is any one life REALLY more important than another?

It seems to me that both within nations AND between them ….there is as huge a rift as ever between the wealthy and powerful and those not so.

Is there REALLY any excuse for this in the 21st century, when …with laptop, phone or tablet in hand we are now able to connect, learn and share?  As said before …I have nothing against ‘wealthy’ people per se. But I AM interested in their motivations. We are all different in terms of our experiences, skills and attributes. Is it not time maybe for those of  ‘wealth’ ….( and let’s face it money is king ) ….to examine their consciences and think….

‘Hmmmmmm ……hang on a minute. What do we actually NEED? How much is ENOUGH? And what constitutes a life of ‘quality’ rather than ‘quantity’?

The best teams I have worked with during my lifetime are the ones that work ‘collaboratively’ NOT those with a kind of ‘dictator’ at the top who rides rough shod over others for their own personal gain.

And No ….I’m not suggesting some past utopia ….there WASN’T one ….but I do think it’s useful to know our history and be mindful of it. …..and maybe …..hopefully ….LEARN from past mistakes.

Currently we are moving away from the industrial past ….we have ‘clean’ technology now which has the capacity to help lift us ALL to a more level playing field, take better care of the environment ….the diverse range of ‘life’ on this planet.

We are living through incredible times with HUGE potential if we can get it right and view ‘life’ as ‘life’ …….no element of it ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other. Collaboration, Co Operation. Putting narcissism to one side to help LIFT that or those who need it ….and ok …I’m an idealist ….it will never be PERFECT …..but it could be ….FABULOUS:)

2 thoughts on “Life

  1. An optimist… AND… an idealist – wow, that’s some juggling act in today’s nightmare global reality. Maybe you feel that if someone (yourself) holds on to just one tiny bit of sanity, it can make a difference. Well, mathematically speaking, it does make a difference; let’s just not go into a discussion on degree. 🙂 What really matters though is that it makes a difference for you. Can’t do it for anybody else.

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    1. :D:D:D Yes Sha Tara …MOST of the time …I know …I know I can imagine you shaking your head and sighing at that. And Yes agree can only change ourselves …..sometimes tho a horse needs to be led to water ….but Yes again …you can’t make it drink …..a realist too see?

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