Android Morphing Update ….

Covering ‘Duty’ at the Mill this week ( Yes …we’re still doing it … for the moment

Anyway my new boss comes bursting in looking a little harassed

‘You ok?’ Says I

‘It’s this bloody phone ….says he …take it …TAKE IT!!:D:D:D…it’s just constantly ringing 24/7 …if I turn it off for an hour I find I’ve just got a load of messages to get back to ….I put on my laptop and there’s hundreds of emails requiring response too ….I can’t get anything DONE!!!’ says he

‘NO WAY!!!’ says I

I’ve got far too many gadgets and ID cards as it is ….I feel something akin to a 007/pack mule hybrid’

‘For Gods sake don’t give her any MORE gadgets’ says one of our lovely secretary’s laughing ( yes they are a rare breed today  and we’re very honoured to still have a couple ….how long it will last I don’t know …but we MUST protect all endangered species)

‘You’ve GOT  to turn them all off and have some ‘me’ time’ says she

‘The only ‘me’ time I bloody get is when I’m unconscious ….asleep’ says he

‘Well you WANTED the job’ says I

‘Hmmmmm ….Yes I know’ said he …gazing into the middle distance …’I wonder why’

‘Nooooooo….don’t say THAT’ …..says I ….( the poor lad is doing a nigh on impossible job at a very difficult time …he’s a good lad and we NEED a manager at the helm)

‘ I tell you what……as a team ….why don’t we put it to the Trust that we think it would be far more ‘cost effective’ and ‘manageable’ to ‘comission’ a ‘Q’ type character to come up with a one gadget fits all …..either that or take us to the vets and have us all microchipped’:D:D:D


It’s all insane isn’t it!

Isn’t it?

Are we going the way of the dinosaur and the only way the human will survive is to become part robot?:D:D:D ….what would be the point of THAT??

The diversity of human characters/personalities and attributes not to mention the emotional experience of life is what makes it isn’t it?

Can you imagine if we were all clones …pretty beige don’t you think?

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