Sam’s progress since parents evening

RIGHT …Sam ..lets take your picture! …look at me ..focus Sam! Sit up straight and FOCUS!!! ……Lovely!


Oops no ……lost it ….drifting off again:D:D:D
And yes …yes I know he’s drinking coke ….hate the stuff myself but this is the society we live in at the moment:)

Oops no.... he's drifting off again



3 thoughts on “Sam’s progress since parents evening

    1. Ah yes Kate …..but he won’t be little and cute forever ….he needs to buck his ideas up a bit ….and as his teacher said ….at least LOOK as if he’s paying attention:D:D:D
      I’ve got 2 ….the eldest being camera shy these days plus preferring to hang out with his mates ….my job relegated pretty much to free taxi service:D:D:D

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