Let Us Wake Up

Have just found this on a link from ‘Moontime Warrior’s Blog

It’s both saddening and infuriating ……we need to take the blinkers off and CAN now communication like this can reach us across the ‘Bloggosphere’ ………

We write today with sadness and outrage at the brutal murder of Honduran indigenous and environmental activist, in her own home. A leading organizer for indigenous land rights in Honduras, Cáceres co-founded the National Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, or COPINH. For many years, the group has faced violent reprisals for the […]


2 thoughts on “Let Us Wake Up

    1. Yep it seems so doesn’t it …..these stories often don’t get reported in mainstream media either do they? …….you may like to check out moontimewarrior.wordpress.com ….she doesn’t post often but when she does they are very interesting:)


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