Oh …..Yes and I forgot….

It’s a special day today isn’t it ? ……..in keeping with all this ‘vibe’ stuff ….meditation ….slit/particle/wave …..quantum physicsy …….invisible ebbing and flowing universe soup …..


keep tuning into Om to  be sure you stay away from the dark side:D:D:D ….hmmmmm I want a light sabre do you?    No …No …not a toy one ….a REAL one made by a quantum physicist and engineer

Follow that kids blog ….I reckon he/she might well be able to do something like that one day ……make a light sabre ….or at the very least make a FABULOUS teacher):):):):)

9 thoughts on “Oh …..Yes and I forgot….

    1. Thank you …just checked your blog too …very interesting questions …hmmmmmm ….science AND maths …..NOTHING you can say will dissuade me from my ‘soup theory’ tho:D:D:D

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        1. The universe being this vast ebbing and flowing kind of soup ….not a liquid soup of course ….a soup made up of some stuff we know about but STILL haven’t made the link ….and other invisible stuff we haven’t yet comprehended ……and maybe it’s within a soup …and another soup …ad infinitum …oh never mind:D:D:D
          You’ll only try to tell me something to the contrary ….its something I believe ….more than a hypothesis if you will …but you’re clearly a pragmatist so will no doubt think I am insane:D:D:D …..actually I do myself 1/2 the time:D:D:D

          Hmmmmm ….I guess aboriginal paintings sum it up quite well ….ahhhh you seeee …am going off on one:D:D:D

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          1. I think you are actually describing the current scientific understanding of the universe through the extended metaphor of soup – which may mean we don’t disagree as much as you think. The universe is, for sure dynamic and accelerating, and it is of course made of things we know but also things we do not know or comprehend, which we dub dark matter…. so yes, in reality I think that there is much truth in what you say!

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            1. Ha ha ….SERIOUSLY!!!? ….you’ve just made my day:D:D:D …..I could say SO much more but better not ….don’t want to ruin the moment:D:D:D
              Tra la li li …….I’m NOT barking mad afterall …..just taking folks a while to catch up 😉

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                1. Well you might change your mind on that one now …I might just take a break from blogging for a while and do some reading when my books arrive …BUT what if it’s not quite as ‘orderly’ as mathematics will allow?
                  A kind of mix of ‘order’ and ‘random’
                  Think of those ‘gloops’in a lava lamp ….they start off as a sphere ….then they kind of gloop ….kind of stretch and form another one …maybe with a few smaller gloops and spheres popping off here and there …what if a black hole is the part where ‘space’ ( which might not actually be ‘space’ at all) kind of gloops ….the whole thing an ebbing and flowing ‘energy’ :D:D:D

                  RIGHT …that’s enough now …more earthly matters to attend to:D:D:D

                  And I’ve CLEARLY got a lot of reading to do …God …I barely know my times tables:D:D:D

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                  1. Mathematics requires less ordering than you think and you don’t need your times tables to engage with mathematics. Honestly my mental maths isn’t great, I use a calculator for most sums. Have a read, I think you will be surprised about how much you can access. A lot of the time there really isn’t much more you need except for a willingness to learn


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