A little glimpse into the crazyness of my world this week…

Hmmmmmm ……where to start

Sam continues to be ‘motivated’ for school ….the advice of Mr O’Connor to at least play the part ‘perfect’ pupll …..apparantly paying off

Either that or it was the bribe …or maybe the fear of visiting a barber for a No 1 cut:D:D:D  Anyway ….fingers crossed …all ok on that front

Matt ambles in and out mumbling and drinking all the fresh orange juice as per:D:D:D ……he continues the nifty ( yet unwitnessed) skill of jet propelling himself out of his trousers …..it IS evidenced however, by the crumpled pairs I find on his bedroom floor; complete with socks, underpants and belt still attached as though he has pressed some kind of teenage ejector button which has launched him into bed ….literally:D:D:D   He’s still at college …thank god …although not a clue what he wants to do in life ….seemingly enjoying his social media ‘status’ and hanging out with mates ‘rapping’ ……yes …yes …I’ve encouraged him to blog …maybe using his ‘rhymes’ as poetry:D:D:D

At work the ‘Lone Worker Device’ has been recalled ….YES …it’s TRUE …none of them have been working unbeknown to us , who for the past 2 weeks have been walking around muttering our whereabouts into them under the impression that if anything were to go awry the swat team would swoop in …….it’s all very ‘Dads Army’ ( very old British comedy series) if you ask me:D:D:D   Hmmmmmmm good job we’ve still been covering ‘duty’ then isn’t it ….yep humans keep coming up with all this amazing tech but it’s a buggar when it all malfunctions isn’t it?….hey ho:D:D:D

In the wider world ….

There was one day …can’t remember which …when I was under the impression David Attenborough had died ….I WAS DEVASTATED!!!! ……I thought ‘not another one!!!’ ….what with Ronnie Corbett( old comedian)David Bowie,Victoria Wood the British celebs seem to be dropping like flies at the mo …..ANYWAY ….you are all probably aware that David Attenborough has not left us yet but is in fact ninety …yes NINETY the same age as the queen ….it’s amazing what not worrying about bills will do for you isn’t it:D:D:D

There’s the news footage which continues to show the devastation and carnage in Alleppo which I cannot bare to watch. Even if all downed tools, shook hands and had a game of football tomorrow; the beautiful city which WAS a world heritage site  has been reduced to nothing but rubble and its people scattered to the four winds …in more ways than one:(

On a positive note …and speaking of football …Leister City have won the premier league!!!! an AMAZING feat and a true global affair …what with Thai owners ..an Italian manager and a French coach …these guys turned the tables and instead of buying expensive, experienced premier league players put together a team by scouting local talent ……and Leister is made up of a real mixed community ….. one of the things I love about this country ….yep ….even I shed a happy tear …..these guys were rank outsiders but now they’re up there AT THE TOP ….hmmmmmm football ….they don’t call it the beautiful game for nothing sometimes do they?:)

Oh ..and there was one morning this week ..think it was Monday …when folk here abouts thought the world was ending!!! ……this is ABSOLUTELY true!!! … There was apparantly a MIGHTY noise which shook all the houses, crockery broken, pictures falling off walls in the rumble …folk had run out into the streets apparantly …god knows what I was doing …maybe tuning into Om ..oblivious …..I never noticed anything :D:D:D

Anyway it turned out to be caused by the Sonic Boom from2 Typhoon Jets that had been scrambled from …..hmmmm possibly Donny airbase I’m not entirely sure …but anyway ..apparantly an air France passenger plane had lost communication so the RAF zoomed out there and brought it safely in to land at Newcastle airport.

And of course we’ve had the ‘local elections’ here ….and that has been frankly BIZARRE!!? J.C ( that’s Jeremy Corbyn not Jesus Christ …although there’s a few of us want him to be ….’No pressure Jezza!’ 😉 …..ANYWAY …yes ..J.C has lost a couple of seats in heartland areas but won a couple in traditionally Tory areas …What’s THAT about!!!???

Labour have also had a crushing defeat in Scotland …and no not to the Scottish National Party but to Cameron and crew!!!???

The bizarreness continues ….oh yes …this is probably the most so …a KNOWN corrupt ex Tory M.P who was ousted due to taking cash for questions …has not only been embraced into the brotherly arms of UKIP but WON a seat in Wales!!!??? …..Yes Wales!!!…he will no doubt be clocking in for ‘business as usual’ in the House of Commons on Monday morning!!!!:D:D

Aha BUT ….there is a little sanity in there …or at least I think there is …our new Mayor of London is the gorgeous Sadiq Khan …..HURRAH!!!

We have elected the first Muslim mayor in ANY western capital ..and he seems a really ‘sorted’ guy too ….might be able to help educate folks a little ….I know I shouldn’t …and I can’t help feeling I will probably be disappointed BUT I have high hopes for JC and Sadiq working in tandem sometime soon ….if Cameron looses the general election ..it might JUST spell the beginning of the end of the ‘old boy network’ ….and yes I CAN see the appeal of the charismatic eccentricity of bumbling Boris ..but he IS a wolf in sheeps clothing …a shrewd operator and ex member of the Bullingdon club as are Mr Cameron himself and others ( see if you can spot them in the picture below) ….and yes ….yes …I know ….I am ever hopfull …we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we:)

Hmmmmm ….quite a week really ….as per:D:D:D

7 thoughts on “A little glimpse into the crazyness of my world this week…

    1. Ahh is your son a fellow NHS worker then Craig? ……how’s he finding things in Winchester?
      Oh ….and I don’t have a social life Craig:D:D:D
      ……..it all comes spewing forth ……..I used to keep a diary for these purposes …..I can’t believe folk actually have a look and follow :D:D:D
      My life is just me …the boys …work ….keeping up with chores …and spewing forth:D:D:D
      I need to get out more don’t I?:D:D:D
      Thing is I’m an introvert by nature Craig ….a sociable one …but I spend all week interacting with folk I actually like solitary time:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes he likes Europe, though he doesn’t get to see much with all the work in Winchester. Can fully understand why you like your own company. I get so exhausted with the “thinking work” and needy “fringe” people dropping in every day, so live a very quiet life here , Still often crazy things happen to me
        So I’m am safest writing people say… then the worst that can happen to me is a papercut or get electrocuted by a wordprocessor!
        Have a good rest
        PS great what Leicester City did!



  1. I’m not a follower as such either but can appreciate a good game …particularly when it has a wonderful story behind it ……and sometimes …when played really well …like the Brazilians used to for example ….there IS something beautiful about it ….it can be like watching a kind of ballet filled with drama:D:D


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