10 thoughts on “Spring scenes from a ‘Wild Garden’ ……

    1. One of those long handled electrical garden appliances with a little cord that sticks out at the bottom which whizzes round cutting grass down to a manageable level that a lawnmower will cut 😀


      1. Oh, you mean a weed whacker… why didn’t you say so in the first place? Let’s see, our last shipment from the warehouse was 2 weeks ago… yes, we had those in stock, but we had a pre-mother’s day sale on and I’m afraid we’re all sold out. Have you thought of hiring a goat?

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        1. :D:D:D you’ve made me laugh enough already ……and how come our Mother’s Day was in March and the rest of the world seems to be today? …..anyway it’s past my bedtime now ….have a good week Sha Tara ……..hmmmmm a goat might not be a bad idea ….no …no ….better not the neighbours might complain about the bleating:D:D:D


  1. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful pictures or photos with us. Fijay please write your about me and contct me page, I’m excited to knowing little bit about you.

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    1. There’s nothing really to be excited about Akki ….I’m just a recently divorced single Mum of 2 boys aged 16 and 11 years …. I work for the NHS as part of a multi disciplinary community team here in the UK primarily with folks of working age experiencing ‘psychosis’ …but more recently ….due to recent cuts to health spending etc ….kind of merging to form more of a ‘Crisis Service’.

      The community I live and work in is the Industrial North of England …an urban area just outside the city of Leeds ….it’s a mixed community in terms of people’s heritage ….it has its good and bad points like anywhere else in the world really …..generally I pretty much like it tho:)

      I am not a particularly ‘proud’ person …but one thing I do like about UK cities is their ‘melting pot’ of cultures and nationalities:)

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  2. Great photos, beautiful blooms – I earnt the nick name ‘blossom’ when I lived and worked in London. Australia doesn’t have such distinct seasons and my shutter clicking was out of control once that blossom erupted!

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    1. Ha ha yes …Thankyou Kate ….I love the turn of season here too …spring and Autumn are my favorite times of year …you can kind of smell the shift occurring ..then pow it hits:D:D

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