and ladies & gentleman …AND ….

it CAN be done!!!…….

In terms of personal relationships ……mutual, reciprocal, loving and respectful ….operating as a supportive team  ……learning and growing together …….in it for the long haul through thick and thin  ……………IT CAN BE DONE!!!

Although I personally didn’t achieve it I have known couples who have ……and there is one couple who I feel stand out as an example to us all …..
Gorgeous aren’t they ……and who would have thought in the 1960’s 70’s or even 80’s that the USA would have had a president born of a white Christian mother, African Muslim father and brought up in Hawaii!!???


Hmmmmm maybe the next president should be a woman ………one who despite her husbands philandering was the one who came out of it with her dignity intact and much respect from others……….they must have patched things up anyway as he has stood back and supported her since his transgression:D:D …yep ….I reckon the particular woman I am thinking of DESERVES to be president ……..but we’ll see:)

3 thoughts on “and ladies & gentleman …AND ….

  1. Let me burst your bubble here, Fijay, Two things to remember about “America” that explain a black president or a woman president: America, as the kind of place it is, would never, not ever, freely elect a black person as president, or a woman. Let me re-write that: NOT EVER.

    Especially not someone with a “terrorist-sounding” name like “Barack Obama” – that’s a dead giveaway that Obama is a puppet on a string installed by the MIC (military industrial complex): the CIA, the Pentagon, Big Pharma and Monsanto. After all, he was raised in Hawaii, and Hawaii is Monsanto’s #1 testing ground for their agricultural chemicals and GMO crops. What are his real connections to Monsanto? Where did the real money come from for his education, and where did the support come from for his rise to power?

    Consider his latest crime against humanity, (beyond the drone assassinations, wiping out wedding parties and hospitals, all in a day’s work for the “Assassin in Chief” at the War House): the deportation of “illegal immigrants” from Central America, focusing on mothers and children, breaking up families, people who escaped the US-designed criminal activities of drug cartels – well you have to get money from somewhere for the war games – and you can’t just print all of it, right? Now these helpless people are being forced back to certain death. As for Clinton, that isn’t “a woman” but a masquerading war-mongering hawk with an ego the size of Mount Everest. Clinton is the CHOSEN candidate by the MIC to replace their worn-out puppet Obama. And she’ll be installed if she continues to play their game. Puppets on very tight and tough strings requiring a lot of lubrication to keep their joints from seizing up and breaking, hah! It’s called $$$.

    As an aside, did you read the part where Obama went to Flint, Michigan and “demonstrated” that the Flint water was safe by drinking a glass of it himself? Only it was later discovered that it wasn’t “Flint water” but filtered water that the slime-ball drank for the photo-op. Beside, Fijay, that’s one sip of water, not having to use the lead poisoned stuff for one’s entire life. What a heartless bastard! Hardly any money to clean up Flint (or rebuild collapsing American cities) but trillions for the Pentagon and a mad drive to maintain military hegemony over the rest of the planet. America is a disease, a cancer that has metastasized. And Britain is hand-in-glove with it, esp. through NATO. Food for thought. Reality has many faces, most of them on this world, at this time, very ugly.

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    1. Yikes …….yes I take your points ShaTara ….I don’t know the full backgrounds of Barrack and Michelle admittedly …I DO know a little about Big Pharma and Monsanto though …..I still hold out that the ‘relationship’ between them as a couple seems pretty solid though ….the other thing about relationships of the ‘partner’ kind I guess is having similar ‘motivations’ in life … don’t have to be identical ……do everything together …but the underlying ‘motivations’ ……what makes you tick ….what makes you buzz …need to be similar or at least complementary to form that base from which to grow …..whether others agree with those motivations or not is another question …..and maybe you’re right about the conspiracy ….I personally don’t think humans …whether governments or big business are THAT clever ….otherwise we wouldn’t be in such a mess …..yep ‘power’ corrupts ….but eventually it falls ….and yep …maybe another form takes its place …..but you have to look at things from the baseline I feel ….change is very slow ….could take generations ….but I’m STILL warmed by a lot of the young bloggers out there ShaTara …..they are the ones that are looking at things RIGHT NOW ….seeing the crap …seeing some room for movement …..seeing themselves as global citizens ….not racist, not sexist, embracing LGBT rights ….aware of environmentalism ….looking for a change to the way things are ….yep I get frustrated too ShaTara but I still ….maybe naively …look for the dandilions popping through the cracks in the pavement:)

      And I love that you challenge me and keep me on my toes:D:D:D

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  2. “Change is very slow, could take generations…” That’s the old saw, isn’t it. Every “generation” responds thus, and accepts the unacceptable because… well… change is in the offing. Meanwhile the Matrix (elitist apparatus) sucks the life out of planet and people and “hope” reigns supreme that “things are changing” – just like that Sixties song, “For the Times They are a Changing.” Indeed, change is the common denominator. But like “reality” the concept of change means nothing in itself. Again, it has to have a purpose, a destination, a goal, and if “change” is ever to mean anything, it has to be geared to a one-way track, no possibility of going backward. Since it is impossible to “track” change, we’re always left with the same problem: replacing injustice with justice… and round and round she goes and where she stops… well she doesn’t, actually, it’s a wheel of ignorance through wishful thinking and periodic rashness of willing martyrdom which amounts to nothing but another spin of the roulette wheel. Popular “heroes” suddenly gain power and one of two things happen: the hero needs to hang on to power to “bring about the change” and becomes a dictator, or the hero dies, is assassinated, or deposed and the old guard (ref: Brazil at the moment) returns to power.

    What this world needs is something new and totally, revolutionary, different. Not violent revolution, those don’t work, but a personal revolution. An individual decides, on her own, to change herself; to disconnect from all external forces for change – ignore them as if they did not exist – and changes herself, empowers herself by living a different kind of life, one diametrically opposed to everything the System offers as solutions. There are no solutions in the System, and any “new” system can only function with the old tools of propaganda, manipulation, lying, controlling and oppressing. No system can operate without those. It’s up to one individual, separate and apart from everyone else, to be change. My goal is simple: when I die, I will die “changed” and totally disconnected from hope or dreams involving any collective agenda for change.

    Back to your quote above: man doesn’t have generations to fix things. That intersection was passed thousands of years ago and it’s not coming back. The “young” are the perennial self-deluded dreamers. They’ll get themselves into “relationships” that will require jobs to make ends meet… and they will quickly learn to toe the line or become marginalized and “losers” within the system. They won’t change it because they still believe they can change it, despite all the lessons of history which any literate person should be bloated with awareness of by now. I can offer one guaranteed way “out” of the madness: self-empowerment.

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