Sooooooooooo excited!!!

Yep ….they’re on their way ….I’ve just spotted a couple of scouts this eve ….they ALWAYS send a couple of scouts ahead of the rest …..and I don’t care what anyone says ….I LOVE these guys …..year in year out they come and nest in our eaves …..I am awoken at the break of dawn to their debates and good humoured arguments as they nest above my bedroom window ….when you open the curtains they swoop right at the window make a split second turn into the nest before they come crashing in ….they look to be laughing as tho to say ……’Ha haaaaaa …..fooled you’        ‘Get ya next time’          ……they just look to be having so much fun don’t they?  Cocky little buggars too. I read that the RSPB tried to ‘tag’ them as it remains a mystery to their exact journey between sub Sahara Africa and here …..apparantly they get to such high altitudes they disappear off the radar … we STILL don’t know …..GOOD FOR YOU GUYS ….keep em guessing say I …..those bloody humans with their ‘monitoring’ equipment:)

I kept being harrassed by a dove last week as well … kept flying down to meet us when I parked the car … can hear that at the moment going. ‘Cooooooooo roooooooo’:D:D

And I’ve noticed THAT has built a nest as well ……at least I think it’s a dove ….it’s too pale for a pigeon and I googled it …..WHATEVER ….looks like we’re going to have a full house soon:D:D:D

Anyway ….another week ….can’t we just pop another day between Saturday and Sunday?:D:D:D

12 thoughts on “Sooooooooooo excited!!!

    1. I like sparrows too tho …they’re very cute it’s just that we take them for granted really don’t we? …the house martins do have a lot of sass tho ….they’re bonkers and don’t seem to give a damn about it …..I wonder if the sparrows will make way for them or if they’ll make another nest on the other side of your house ….hmmmmm looks like we could BOTH be heading for an aviary invasion this summer:D:D

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      1. I’ll wait and see what happens. I love the sparrows too…
        I found an injured house Martin when I was young and took it to the bet where someone who nurture injured birds back to health took care of it. Lovely bird, amazing to hold it.


  1. Hmmmm …..ok guys …thanks for that …don’t personally find it funny but I do have a teenage son who might if I wasn’t actually his mother ….so there you go
    What was it I said about mutually, supportive, reciprocal relationships …..growth and learning?
    That goes for blogging relationships too in my book ….but hey ho


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