Twin Brother:):)

I got an out of the blue message from him today….and it’s weird because I had been thinking about him last night …….wondering how he was … happens like that …….am sooooo happy for him tho …..he ALWAYS worked really hard …played it by the book …then became disillusioned and gradually started changing perspective …..a process which was quite an adventure and led to him eventually finding his bliss ……….I don’t want to say toooooo much about him ……respecting his confidentiality but wanting to acknowledge him in my blog journal ………..what I will say is he now lives off grid on a mountain in a strawbale roundhouse he built  ………a TRUE little Eco home with a circular window at the centre of what I feel is the most beautiful ceiling looking straight up to the stars ….we had lost touch for a loooooooong time …..then a couple of years ago reconnected ….which was slightly insane to say the least:D:D ……ANYWAY it was so lovely to hear from him this week KNOWING all is good :):):):):):):)

I hope he won’t mind me posting this …just honoured to call him my twin:):)

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