The lone wolf ……

I’ve come to the conclusion I AM one:D:D ……nice quote too …..hmmmmm am pescatarian tho ….try to be veggie but struggle to kick the fish habit … hardly wolf like behaviour is it? …but still:D:D

And its been like an autumn day here ….rained ALL day …been soaked TWICE!!! Had planned to attack the garden this weekend but alas….. Hmmmm SO think I’ll pay a call to the elegant mute therapist tomorrow…

GOD …I REALLY need to plan ahead better …I DID have a  kind of  3 year plan last year but it’s all gone pearshaped now thro lack of funds …maybe I need to get back on track regardless ……just expect things to take longer than anticipated ……set some ‘goals’ ………or re’evaluate ALTOGETHER …just be happy with what I have and go with the flow ….it seemed to serve me well for long enough …hmmmm untill my twin brother appeared out of the blue a couple of years ago really … completely upset my applecart (in a good way tho …I think:D:D ….Hmmmmmm need to talk things thro….I guess the Swan is as good a listener as any …Oooh BUT my books have arrived …Ha haaa YES ..who needs the sun? …I’ve got a nice way to spend Sunday afternoon AFTERALL..armed with wellies, brolly and book ..absorbing the swan serenity vibe …KERCHING:):):)

5 thoughts on “The lone wolf ……

    1. Awww Thankyou Dragallur ….I’ll give it a go …I think of you like a son across the ether …..a very clever one but a bit daft sometimes like the rest of us …and yes …I just punctuate how I feel like …maybe it’s a dot joining excersise I’m not really sure :D:D:D

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      1. You are welcome 🙂
        It is good to play videos like these probably two times or so in course of week and make notes from them because otherwise it could happen to you that you just let it go, which did happen to me many times and then it is just a waste of time.

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