Electron’s, Muon’s,Tau’s, Neutrino’s

My God!!! ……….have just had one of the best Sunday afternoons EVER!!!:D:D:D ……..the blooming Sculpture Park was packed again tho ( it’s getting tooooooo popular) so the Swan was nowhere to be seen ….on the bridge there was a female duck with her ducklings tho …..hmmmm ……ANYWAY had to walk quite a ways along the river to get away from the hoards and find some peace ….but I did ….then went and found somewhere to sit to read my book!:):):):)

It was recommended to me by blogger ‘Rationalisingtheuniverse.com’ a physicist and a mathematician …and oh dearie me …I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! …..I couldn’t get beyond the first chapter I was laughing so much ….learning AND laughing, sitting outside in the fresh air with nothing but the odd passer by to disturb …….HEAVEN!!!

I think I’m going to give blogging a rest for a little while ….need to ‘find my Mum’ and have got a few books to read in and among ….might come back in a week or two and review them ….in my own words, my own way of course:D:D:D

This is the book I have started reading today ….I guess some of you will have read it already

the other books I need to read are Steven Hawkins ‘A brief history of time’ and ‘Grand Design & Cosmology’ …I’ve already read Richard Dawkins ‘The selfish gene’ …hmmmmm I don’t like that one, think it’s bollocks:D:D:D …..oh calm down ….I’m entitled to an opinion …can’t stand the man …think he’s an arrogant arse but there you go ….he would probably think I was dog muck on his shoe if we ever met so Que Sera:D:D:D

I’d LOVE to meet Steven Hawkins tho ……Hey!!! …maybe that could be my dream job …can’t see me doing the one I’m doing much longer … it’s exhausting ….Hmmmm I could be his aide ….no shenanigans tho like he did with that other one :D:D:D …even android blokes are just blokes afterall it seems:D:D:D ….BUT  if you’re out there Steve and can hear me ……..GIVE US A JOB!!!??? ….we could have a lot of laughs for sure!:D:D:D

THERE ….I’ve put my request out to the Universe …the start of ‘following my dreams’:D:D:D …..Pah!!! ….I’m not THAT daft …. most of it is out of our hands and we just have to go with the flow of whatever  we’re dealt ….nice dream tho:D:D:D

7 thoughts on “Electron’s, Muon’s,Tau’s, Neutrino’s

  1. I’ll say this, totally agree with you about Dawkins. But I don’t have much higher regard for the other ‘awkins, having read some of his stuff also. Everybody’s entitled to an opinion but where things get sticky is when someone uses a “power” (religion, philosophy, science, economics, doctrine) to make that opinion into “fact” which people are expected to line up their own minds with. Most “scientists” today are just priests of a new religion. Anyway, enjoy your bloggers’ holiday.

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    1. Ha ha ….c’mon ShaTara you know you and I agree on an awful lot …give me chance tho …I want to read these books and then critique:D:D:D
      I’ve got some gall haven’t I ?:D:D:D
      I’m barely literate:D:D:D
      Am not as bad as you tho ….who in one short piece takes a swipe at all world religions and comes up with another offering:D:D:D
      Hey it’s only blogging …no’one takes any notice anyway ….and I might have my mind changed you never know:D:D:D


      1. Last thing I’d want is to change your mind for you. Me, I just wander through the underbrush looking for the mythical past as in old trails, rusty, rotting fences with gates in them, or places where new trails could be made and followed into the mythical future. That underbrush is called the library. In other words, I deliberately challenge every thought to see if it stands up to the challenge. Few do. I don’t want to waste my time or life chasing cartoon characters and worshipping naked emperors; or worse, foisting those on unsuspecting individuals who have never heard of thinking outside the box (not you that, definitely!!!). Speaking of the tried and failed, what are the four most dangerous words uttered in a corporate board room? “I have an idea.” Now go sit under the bodhi, or apple, or fig, tree and wait until something falls on your head. Doesn’t matter much which tree it is, just make sure it doesn’t have a bird’s nest. Birds have a funny habit of lightening up on take off.

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    2. Oh and yes I will Thankyou …..will come back with my brief critiques …hope it’s better than the ‘Selfish Gene’ one ….summed up a revered book by one of Britains revered academics in one word ‘Bollocks’ :D:D:D
      Right it’s Sunday night ….getting my act together and finding my mum:D:D:D …..have a good week ShaTara

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