Coooooo roooooooo

Cooooooooo roooooooo

Cooooooooo roooooooo

I got my beady eye on yoooooooooo

Nice and cozy up here toooooooooo

Til y’all come back with ya hullaballoo

Ha …..I know what I’ll go and do

Flap on down and have a pooooo

Coooooooooo roooooooo

Coooooooooo roooooooo


and ok ….ok …..the boys keep hanging out of the landing window to look at it and think it’s creepy:D:D

keep telling them our house must be blessed and there’ll be three of em soon:D:D

The eldest says …

‘Mum they’re vermin … You need to get RENTOKIL in’

‘Are you crazy?’ ..say I

‘I’m a pacifist and vegetarian’ …’Live and let live’:D:D:D

My god tho …we could have flocks of allsorts in the roof by next year ….BEJEEZUS …is there a humane way of putting them off I wonder ……..the thing IS behaving as if it owns the place ….I mean I know I called my motor ‘the meadow’ …a nod to its alleged green credentials and my prowess in abstract decoration …it was a nod tho …A NOD ….it didn’t mean I was inviting an ACTUAL sister of nature to add to the overall design by crapping on it on a daily basis:D:D:D

God I’m having a blogroll:D:D:D …..I did so well last week:D:D …..think it’s because the boys aren’t here …
Oooops …….they are now …THATS IT!!!


13 thoughts on “Coooooo roooooooo

  1. It is a beautiful bird, but I can understand your reluctance to have it taking up residence next to your satellite dish. I’m not sure how you can discourage it, though. Perhaps if you could get some bigger bird to build a next there instead, the pigeon wouldn’t dare, thus solving your problem. 🙂

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  2. You bet my next post is ditto similar to this one fijay . Two months ago i was blessed with two of them and i covered every moment of them read it tomorrow u would love it , as I am loving it right now .. How can two people think so alike … ?? 🙂

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        1. I’m laughing so much …just seen your post …it’s amazing …I tried to comment but it’s still saying ‘posting comment’ ……I adore the last picture of you cradling the pigeon …it’s lovely ….really ….really lovely:):):):)

          And can anyone tell me why some blogs I am following …new posts appear in my reader and others don’t? ….is there something I am doing wrong?

          I could have missed this post …and it’s made my day:):):):):)


    1. Hmmmmmmm …….yes maybe…..I’m not moving its nest tho ….I haven’t got a long enough ladder and knowing me I’d drop the eggs …must think of something for next year tho …..what with house martins darting in and out of their nest at the back and the beady eyed bossy dove/pigeon at the side ….what if they ALL come back next year!!!? ….fledgelings and ALL:D:D

      I guess it’s all great at first …but it’s the pooh …for smallish creatures they don’t half pooh a lot:D:D

      Thanks for your comment by the way …been missing YOUR posts too:)

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