Biotech & Gene editing

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Lots of hype re ‘eradicating diseases’ …….Hmmmmm still got vast swathes of the world with no access to clean water and malaria protection …..shouldn’t we be tackling THAT first?

Strikes chords of Darwinism ….scientists ( mostly white western) playing ‘God’ ……am not convinced …….reminds me of the Monsanto tomato in the 90’s …….has genetically modified food rid the world of hunger? ….designer tomatoes …..yet an obesity epidemic AND vast swathes of the global population needing to take chemical substances to get thro …both legal and illegal …..

NOW we’re apparantly getting VERY close to designer babies as well ……cut out the less ‘desirable’ genes …..or maybe CHOOSE those deemed to represent ‘perfection…..hmmmmmm

The scientists really NEED to tune into ommmm ……where’s the ‘democracy’? …..did we ASK these guys to tinker around with the very fabric of our world? …….in danger of creating FURTHER divisions if you ask me

Aren’t there ANY light bulbs going on saying ……work WITH nature ….utilise YES but not try to weild the ultimate ‘power’ and ‘control’ over it…….and WHY exactly? …..humans are NOT god …..we will ALL die sooner or later ….YES EVEN THE SCIENTISTS …it’s a ‘process’ …’Life’ ….born, mature, age, die ….hopefully in that order ….we’ve got to stop fearing death ….stop  F …ing about and get REAL!!!

Who exactly has given them the go ahead for all this ANYWAY?

Ok …so it’s very clever …bravo you …but you know what? ….NO ONE …not Billionaires, Royalty , Religious Leaders, Politicians, Scientists ….NO ONE should weild such power assuming the nod from everyone else……..we need to move on and move on FAST …hold NO ONE in deference ……these folk need to ACTUALLY get on base level with ordinary people…..view the world as a WHOLE and NOT their own narrow elitest little patch

They reckon it’s going to be the next ‘boom industry’ following on from computerisation and information technology….

We need to be critical …..of ourselves ….each other …PARTICULARLY those who hold power over the rest of us ……….beware getting lost up our own bums ….individually AND collectively …..move on in a different way ….utilising the best of /for ALL ….check the underlying ‘motivations’ …keep them in check ….and hopefully, try to maintain a degree of humility and humour along the way

I would like to know what Steven thinks

I SWEAR the guy must know how to meditate…..he needs to teach the rest of em before they go F…ing things up even MORE than we’ve F… things up already:D:D:D

And sooooo endeth the Monday evening rant …….yep …..have just watched Panorama ….I can rant to my blog as WELL as the T.V these days :D:D:D

Yep ……and even though this is a number of years old (and I’m not sure how or why we need to grow human ears on mice …….for transplant I guess……is there a lot of demand for replacement ears I wonder)……ANYWAY how much does all this ‘cost’ and how does this pic make you feel 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Biotech & Gene editing

  1. Good rant. That mouse thing is disgusting, and where’s the empathy for the animal? But in case you did want to know (you don’t have to take my word for it) Zecharia Sitchin’s life-long research tells us that the original “gods” who cloned man also tried many other forms of life and did horrendous experiments on their human clones while they were still here. Think about it: those mythical creatures with part human features: they aren’t imagination’s inventions: they actually existed. The Minotaur, Faun, the ibis-headed Egyptian god, etc. The reason these creatures disappeared is because they were hybrids and could not reproduce among themselves. Today’s “scientists” are re-discovering the technology of the Anunnaki, but they’re only the Sorcerer’s apprentices. The can make something happen, but they have no clue what sort of long-term results they will get – so in typically mad scientist fashion with fame and money pushing them, they play with their toys and life. Most of their research money comes from the military establishment, and those “designer babies” you mention will have the kind of mindset and body that the Masters are paying for. Inevitable. Can anything be done to stop this, or re-direct it in more humane research? Not a chance in hell. This isn’t just about creating superman, this is about control over life. These same gene splicers can design viruses tailored to specific races, economic classes, targeted places, age or gender.

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      1. No they probably can’t …..the thing is tho …it will only be those with monetary wealth who can afford the designer babies etc …..look at cosmetic surgery for example ….the vast majority of people we see in our media today have had SOME work done ….we are ALREADY being dictated to in terms of what is deemed ‘beautiful’ …..this has the potential to take it to the next level ….not just ‘physical appearance’ but ‘function’ too ….. ‘intelligence …

        And…yes …ok ….I ‘get’ the eradication of disease argument ….but for every viral disease we ‘eradicate’ a new one seems to pop up somewhere else on the globe ANYWAY

        I guess as humans we have to ask ourselves do we like ‘diversity’ or ‘sameness’

        If you ask me ‘sameness’ is dull, dull, DULL …..but then again maybe I’m in a minority of one:D:D:D

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          1. I agree …..Science and technology has brought us many great things …I wouldn’t be able to communicate with you like this now if I didn’t have my tablet.
            The ‘development’ needs to go hand in hand with the ‘desired outcome’ though ……and that’s what worries me really …’s the underlying ‘motivations’
            Yes ….if the motivations are altruistic but …No …if it’s about ‘power’ and ‘control’ ……there has to be ‘balance’ and a broad view of the ‘bigger picture’ ….the ‘whole’ …that doesn’t just mean humanity either …….and I’m not convinced that happens really:)

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      2. Of course they can. A specific economic class eats a certain way, lives a certain way… easy, vulnerable targets, always have been. But if it makes you feel better, take the “economic class” out of the list and you still have plenty to work with.

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    1. Yey ..ShaTara ….LOVE your reply …and agree totally with your sorcerers apprentice analogy …..we’re so busy trying to ‘prove’ ‘order’ and ‘control’ the bigger picture and consequences can be completely missed:)


  2. Here here – research used to have to adhere to rigid ‘ethical’ standards – but it was my professor of ethics who had no qualms in re writing my article and publishing it in the British Medical Journal with no credit to me anywhere in sight! Scientists who want to play god should be … [fill in the blank]

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