Further evidence ….

RIGHT guys ……Imagine you’re cooped up in an office in the heat of summer …the Windows don’t open ….someone has put the heating on and you can’t turn it off …..there are a couple of pretty weak electric fans on …..you are dressed for ‘work’ ….ok no jacket but tailored trousers and shirt , undies, socks, shoes …maybe a tie…..RIGHT hold that thought:D:D:D

the lungi IS cool …….what more evidence do you need?

PS) Have just checked with my eldest and HE has said he would rather wear the above than trousers in hot weather and HE reckons to be streetwise …..we just need to keep an open mind …what’s comfortable AND stylish …yep we’re ALL a little vain ….but who sets the ‘dress code’ ….it’s the 21st century keep the best of  the ‘traditional’ when it IS relevant for the times ….and leave the obstacles behind ….eeeeeeeeasy :):):):):):)

11 thoughts on “Further evidence ….

    1. Gosh Kate no ….they’re a mish mash of google images so it’s probably plagiarism or something ….hmmmmm but yes I guess therefore, they ARE a collection of my partners ….I only have my ‘tech’ one Eric ….I’ve blogged about him before …he’s almost always by my side ….wears a ridiculous jacket ….and is very knowledgeable ….lacks somewhat in the affection department tho as he’s an iPad :D:D:D

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    1. :D:D:D:D …..well I’m only trying to help ….I think the lungi is cool but I am now realising that although guys like the breeze they also like a little more security and somewhere to put their keys:D:D:D

      and hey that rhymes

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    1. Yes Cezanne ….sometimes we throw the baby out with the bath water …who decided men needed to be suited and booted to the office? ….and in the heat of summer too ….it’s insane:D:D:D
      My mini research has concluded that the Thai Fishermans Pant is the winner tho …it seems guys like a little more security than the Lungi provides …at least for the office:D:D:D

      I hereby pronounce the traditional fishermen of Thailand fashion icons of the 21st century …. I’m thinking of starting a revolution wherby guys cast off their suits in favour of the Thai Fishermans pant …. thing is as there’s only 1 or 2 daft enough to look at my blog and I’m scared of ‘social media’ I doubt the revolution will kick off :D:D:D

      Oh I’m not saying you are daft …in fact it suprises me the quality of you folk out there and why you would bother to check out my boring looking rambling blog:D:D:D

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      1. Hahahahahahah.
        Well clearly, everything about your blog is fascinating, especially the human bit of it.
        I sense your such a wonderful person dear…
        You may be posting about fascinating Intels here and there but the engine to your blog can be seen clearly by the joy you spread.
        Im so glad i found a new friend in you..
        Lots and lots and lots of Love from Psychedelic Bay.
        And i actually had one of these kind of clothings once upon a time for my night wear 😁 so i know how fitting they are really.. Big Hug. – Cezane


          1. For spreading the joy and making me smile by being yourself 😀
            Btw, we did the six blogger collab,
            would you like to have a look? 😀 – Cezane

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