‘Stay Cool’ tips for men

So ….what with ‘M’s tackle difficulties earlier this week …..plus my own methods of staying cool in the heat it got me thinking

In a previous life I travelled abroad quite a bit and over the years ….particularly when sun chasing ……got it down to a fine art of just needing enough to put in ONE medium sized hold-all …..many might consider it ‘hand luggage’ :D:D:D

So …..to men in hot weather ….hmmmmmm ……think about men’s clothing ….I mean really THINK about it!!!??

I take ‘M’s point that ‘Trousers’ ….or the tailored type in PARTICULAR are a little restricting ….and let’s not even go there with the full ‘suited & booted’ look …..what are ‘tie’s’ all about for example? …..I wonder who decided it was ‘de rigueur’ to wear a strip of cloth tied in a specific knot around one’s neck!!! …….or even worse …..a BOW!!!:D:D:D

So here are my tips for men to help maintain  ‘coolness’ in the heat of summer:D:D:D

Firstly ALWAYS remember that WAFT is key …..so cloth of some kind IS important in my view as it creates it …..promotes air circulation if you will …..and I am led to believe this is a particular issue with regard to a guys tackle:D:D:D

Also to get the full benefit it is ESSENTIAL to wear natural fibres in the heat ….cotton, silk, linen …..polyester et al does NOT cut it ….trust me

So maybe we should look to warmer climes for inspiration ……I have been fortunate enough to to visit Thailand in the past so know from experience how ‘cool’ these are ….

YES they are the ‘Thai Fishermans Pant’ ……note the roomy gusset and wide cut of the leg which helps move that much needed air around thus preventing sticking and chafing:)

If you are after the FULL waft experience ….where better to look than the Arabian countries ….stunning in brilliant white cotton ….and yes …..it’s a maxi dress for men …..in ADDITION to billowing head gear providing sun protection AND that all important breeze effect:)

And finally my favorite ……..a simple oblong of cloth that can be worn in a multitude of ways and done so in MANY countries …..the Lunghi or Sarong ….eeeeeeasy….just throw on a T’shirt and a pair of flip flops to go about town if you feel a little exposed………….don’t forget your bottle of water and maybe a plain ‘macho’ coloured Japenese fan …………DONE!!!


It doesn’t HAVE to be heavy going does it! 🙂

37 thoughts on “‘Stay Cool’ tips for men

    1. Ha haa ….WHY do you hate it Arv? and yep …Thai fishermans pants ARE cool ….I think you can buy them on the net…….the plain coloured cotton ones are best in my view …..none of those fancy ‘hippy’ type patterned ones ….each to there own I guess …but simplicity is key ……you know …kind of laid back cool:)

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        1. Hmmmmm ok ……I guess it could prove a bit difficult if one was scrambling up hills to take photo’s etc :D:D …..maybe the Thai fishermans pants WOULD be a more secure option:D:D ……still think you guys in India should reclaim and promote the best of your ‘traditional’ tho ….it’s SO relevant for today …timeless:)


            1. Allsorts arv ……India is the birthplace of ‘yoga’ …the way I see it is …the current state of things globally is neither sustaining or sustainable … correct me if I’m wrong but Indian culture is steeped in principles of ‘Eco’ living …eating ‘organic’ etc etc etc ….I would say to India ‘don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’ …….the solutions to turning things around could lie with you ….they don’t seem to be coming from here any time soon:)

              But again I say …who the hell am I to say so?:D:D:D

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              1. Fijay…you are bang on! True, there’s so much to learn from “ancient India”. Unfortunately, the forces of market and globalization seem to have made Indians more westernized than Indian. Wish some sanity could prevail. don’t worry, we all have voices and it’s not wrong! Just out of curiosity…do you have Indian connection?

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                1. My replies are all out of sync on this post ….I don’t know what’s going on …I think it’s you arv …messing up my blog:D:D:D
                  ANYWAY I think this is a 2 in 1 reply …..yep I KNOW I’m spot on …just not sure anyone else does:D:D:D
                  And arv ….the global view is changing …look at the climate change summit held in Paris earlier this year ….there was pretty much consensus amongst world leaders that something needs to be done and pretty fast to change tac ….the key is now to MOVE in the right direction …it seems that science, technology and environmentalism will be the ‘business’ areas of the 21sr century …it CANNOT be consumerism for the sake of it …We HAVE to look at QUALITY over quantity ….and India has it if you ask me …and no I do not have any connections with India sadly …. I have visited tho twice …I HAD a dear friend who came from Kolkata and we toured West Bengal together ….unfortunately we lost touch during my marriage …I lost touch with a lot of folk during my marriage really ..but anyway …my ex husband and I also visited Goa
                  And yes I agree that in many respects the Indians can be more British than the British ….and believe me arv …’Yoga’ is HOT at the mo …it’s being ‘sold’ like some kind of elitist excersise or ‘healthy lifestyle’ fad here, in Europe and the US ….do you know I saw a pair of ‘yoga pants’ for sale on the net in the US for $200 …yes TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! It’s insane AND degrading one of the worlds most comprehensive and holistic ancient philosophies if you ask me …..but it IS relevant for today:)
                  So arv ….it’s about time you guys reclaimed it and showed the rest of the world how it’s done
                  RIGHT ..off you pop then arv you need to gather your friends together and get cracking 😉
                  Oh …and don’t forget me when your rich and famous:D:D:D

                  Oh and arv ….don’t buy any fancy ‘Yoga Pants’ ….the traditional Thai Fishermans one’s do the trick MUCH better and at a fraction of the cost …..better to put the cash in the pocket of small business in Thailand I say ….or being a promotor of all things Indian look for something similar at home 😉

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                  1. Ah! I take the credit for messing your blog?? Crown me pls! 😉
                    Do you know there is no such thing as yoga pant in India? yoga never had any dress sort of thing. It’s purely a consumerist and opportunistic invention of some companies in west..I know yoga is really in, as a fad and industry. It’s being sold as a product whereas it is a way of life! Anyways, don’t worry I’m not becoming rich and famous and friends are friends!!! 🙂

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                    1. :D:D:D Exactly arv! It’s a way of life ….and traditional Indian culture IS it ….and blimey ….my own ‘yoga’ teacher taught me that to begin practising all you needed was enough space to lie down with outstretched arms and an ability to breath …..it costs 0 ….come to think of it though it’s probably a matter of time before here in the west even THAT will be ‘sold’ as a commodity …the air we breath:D:D:D

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                    2. I would LOVE that arv ….thing is I have to take my annual leave from work during school holidays to spend with the boys and I don’t have the funds for long haul flights these days:(

                      I’ve got a couple of weekends in London lined up at the Yoga Acadamy over the next couple of months tho …which isn’t quite the same I know:( the cost of which is bloody extortionate for me really and would actually be part way to funding a flight ticket I’ve got to do something my alternate weekends tho arv ….I can’t just mope about here missing the boys when they’re with their Dad:) ……anyway …it should be good …it’s something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while and I always like a trip to London:)

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                    3. Fijay! I can understand how expensive things are over there. A lot of people fly to India because apart from airfare cost of living is peanuts out here. Anyways, since you know quite a bit about yoga why don’t you start yoga classes at your place? Some extra money and chance to practice what you love? are your boys too small? …. if that’s not to peronal to ask. 🙂

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                    4. Hmmmm ….I don’t know if I would have the confidence to teach arv but it has crossed my mind during my search for a replacement teacher ….funnily enough the course I am doing in London has the potential to lead to that apparantly

                      My ex used to call it all ‘hippy nonsense’:D:D:D …..the eldest kind of humours me but is a little like his Dad …the youngest is more encouraging ….oh …I don’t know …we’ll see:) What will be will be as they say:D:D

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    2. I’ve posted further evidence for you Arv ….I respect your opinion BUT:D:D ….and YES one pic is a young David Beckham wearing one …reclaim and promote the lungi I say:D:D

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        1. :D:D:D …ok Arv you’re REALLY making me laugh now …I get the message ….it seems from this mini research that yes …guys like the breeze but need a little more security than the lungi provides …. and I dare say I’m now thinking ….hmmmmm there’s an absence of pockets so where would you put your keys?


        1. Oh arv …..I thought my mini research had been successful ….I was about to start a revolution whereby office workers abandon their usual attire for the Thai Fishermans pant ….turn the traditional Thai Fishermen into fashion icons and promote a boom in their industry:(

          STILL no’one listens to me anyway …can’t start a revolution without daring to go on Facebook:D:D

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      1. It seems the Thai Fishermans pant is the way to go ….. I will inform my colleague of my research when next in work a solution to his discomfort and subsequent tantrum in the heat:D:D:D
        Hey ….maybe there could be a big demand for the Thai Fishermans pant ….Maybe we could start a revolution wherby all the office workers abandon their ‘work’ attire and choose these instead …..let’s decide forth with that the Thai Fishermans pant is the way to go ….how cool would that be?
        Keep things simple and eeeeeeasy …VIVRE THAI FISHERMANS PANT
        The traditional fisherman of Thailand are FASHION ICONS!!!

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          1. Yeah, it seemed to stack it below the other thread already ongoing.

            WordPress felt a bit “sketchy” to me at first so I was going to use another platform, but it has been stable over the long term and if I travel, I can login okay; when I was in Japan, blogger and some other sites kept trying to speak to me only in Japanese and I didn’t appreciate feeling illiterate (yea, I know, I should just get a universal translator) but also you can customize wordpress esp. if you host it on your own site, so someday in the distant future, I’ll likely set up a custom site with a modified wordpress blog.

            Or pay someone to do it, more likely, I don’t really enjoy doing the same tedious thing more than once, and by then I would have gotten around to being more of a salesman.

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            1. Yeeeey ….helloooo ….yes …that’s what I need too ….a universal translator …I’ve got a pretty old iPad mini tho and not sure how to do it …BUT am following blogs from ALLOVER the place and would love to understand Japanese …Mandarin…Hindi …Urdu …and all the other languages …. yes it’s something I must look into ….maybe update the tech when get chance …my boys keep telling me to go Samsung and Google rather than apple and I think they could be right …Eric ( the iPad) is no doubt a thing of slick beauty aesthetically but all the extras seem to cost a fortune

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  1. Ha ha! You made me laugh too fijay. Well comfort is relative. for me anything like sarong is uncomfortable to walk -restricts the free movement of legs. So I would stay away. I think the person who invented lungi must be a lunatic. May be he wanted some extra freedom 😉 .. just my perspective!

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    1. No I’m not arv …once joined Facebook when I was in a netball team to keep up with my team mates …folk were popping up allover the place it drove me insane …took it down again …I’m an introvert at heart ….sociable but I like my own space …talk to 100s of folk during the working week then retreat at weekends:D:D
      I almost set another WordPress site up about a month ago …was going to link that up to Facebook et al like your supposed to …anyway …am not ready yet …it’s called Halcyon …you know ..peace, love and harmony and anticipating some ‘halcyon days’ ahead ….thing is it doesn’t suit my world at the mo …am still a bit ‘blog on’ if you know what I mean:D:D ….will get there eventually tho fingers crossed:D:D

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      1. Okay. It’s not necessary to be on fb or other social media, but a lot of readers are now accessing our blogs through them and sharing our links from them. So in that sense it is important. I don’t find time to do much social media but I have them in place. Another blog? Quite interesting! What’s the address? I too have 2 blogs but it’s tough! BTW is Fijay your real name? What does it mean?

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        1. It’s the nickname …..a shortened version of the full name I was given …and no will leave that for legal documents:D:D:D ….and my other WordPress blog I jonly set up so there’s nothing on it ….I felt more comfy with ‘Blog On’ which I know is a bit amateurish ….but that’s all it is …just my personal ramblings to the ether:D:D:D

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