in trouble with ‘the law’

Oh yes … in a bit of bother today

I had to go to to the Mall with the youngest to get something he needed for school AND he wanted an EXCUSE to just nip there I believe :D:D:D ………he KNOWS I detest the places …packed with what appear to be zombies ( although I’m sure they’re very nice when they get home) ….no ventilation so you cannot breath … screaming in protest at being there ….by the time I get to the first escalater ( ESCALATE r !!! …’ve gotta be kidding …you step on and are sandwiched in …cannot move …and sloooooowly elevate or decend at snail speed there is NOTHING escalating about it apart from my mood and the song that always plays in my head at these times which I imagine being blasted out of the tannoy system but alas never is 😦

Anyway where was I? …..Oh yes ….by the time I get to the first escalater I am having to curb the desire to mow everyone down and break free:D:D:D

As you can tell I’m NOT a shopper ….which is just as well as I live to a budget ….I cannot fathom why folk consider a visit to the Mall some kind of outing???

So ….here we were ……nipping in here …out there ….looking at this ….checking that ….if anyone was watching it would have looked like role reversal  I’m sure :D:D …..the Mother dragging her heels and yawning as the young male child skipped merrily from shop to shop declaring

‘Ooooooooh look at this …..and THIS …..and ……’

So in and among …..we purchased a pretzel and drink each from this vendor who was giving little samples away and very nice they were too hence our purchase …..whilst I was faffing about in my purse to pay I sent said offspring upstairs where various eateries surround the walls with a load of tables taking up the rest of the space on that particular floor…….the ‘eatery floor’ if you will … know …a VAST space where folk EAT!!!

Anyway ….there  we were tucking in when this rather portly woman with an over exaggerated air of authority came marching up to us …..she just marched up and declared loudly and boldly


‘Really? ……and why NOT!!?’ said I

( I wasn’t in the best of moods at being there in the first place remember ….I could have WELL done without a ‘jobsworth’ on my back’)

‘This is a Macdonalds seat and your not a customer’ said she with the most smug self satisfied attitude I have seen in a long time

‘Well all the seats on this floor look exactly the same to me ( they do ….ALL the chairs are the same)  this is the eatery floor …we will be spending under 5 minutes eating and then be on our way’

‘BUT YOUR NOT ALLOWED’ repeated she

‘Who says?’  said I

(I was starting to get a little irrate ….it wasn’t so much what she was saying as HOW she was saying it ……I  suddenly caught myself tho and thought ‘OK have the youngest with me how shall I deal with this’

‘OK’ says I ‘I always thought on THIS floor you just purchased your food and sat wherever there was a vacancy I mean it’s not even as if it’s full ( it wasn’t there was looooads of space) ‘Where ARE we allowed to sit and eat?

She then proceeded to verbally carve up the entire floor into what seating belonged to whom ……..I couldn’t BELIEVE it!!!??

However, by the time she’d taken her obvious delight in doing so we had finished

We stood up and as I brushed passed her I muttered under my breath ‘Ronaldmcbloodydonalds a facist and SO are YOU’ …I know I know ……..I just couldn’t help myself …..and NO we didn’t clear our table …..this has NEVER happened before …I cannot believe that the Mall has hired someone to ‘police’ the eatery floor ……and the law of the mall will be upheld to the nth degree even though the place was virtually EMPTY!!!?

On the drive home Sam and myself had a chat about it …I was explaining to him that yep there were rules in life and really we should try to follow them ….that sometimes some rules don’t make sense and unfortunately neither do people ….sometimes the very people that uphold them ……but you needed to be VERY careful not to get on the wrong side of folk like that.

‘Yes Mum I understand ‘ said Sam

‘Mum I have an idea’ said he

‘Oh yes’ said I ‘What’s that?’

‘If we ever get in that situation again just kick me under the table I’ll put on my big eyes look all cute and say ……Awwwwwwww Mum  it looks like it’s back to the soup kitchen again for us’

‘SAM!!’ said I ‘You can’t say THAT!!!’

Then he started laughing ……He’s a cheeky one that one …….hmmmmmm I keep forgetting he’s approaching adolescence …..he’s developing sarcasm …..thinks I’m a spendthrift for not just buying a bloody MacDonalds in the first place :D:D:D:D

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!  I always did find clowns a bit …….you know …….put it this way I wouldn’t trust one:D:D:D

7 thoughts on “in trouble with ‘the law’

  1. I have worked for “the Corporation” for 42 years, and McDonald’s was a big part of our work time. I can tell you this, that down here, all you would need do is go to the counter, ask for the manager, point to the woman and tell the manager what the employee said, in in what tone… and that employee would have been looking for another job. Image is EVERYTHING to those people, and you can use that to the nth degree. If it happened to be the McDoodoo manager, so much the better. Take her/his name, and call the toll free number and describe the episode. Situation resolved. Again, image is everything – what else have they got?

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  2. Well they sure haven’t got ‘food’:D:D….but yes ….Americans are much better at making complaints and hence why you get such better service than we sometimes do here ….I was Concious I had Sam with me otherwise I think I may have said much more … be honest tho … seems the eatery area has so many seats allotted for each of the establishments on that floor and we had just bought a pretzel and a drink from an individual vendor downstairs and I won’t eat and walk:D:D Its the ‘law’ of that particular ‘mall’ I think ShaTara:D:D:D ….I don’t think she was an employee of Macdonalds but a law enforcement officer of the food hall and we had broken the law:D:D
    Hmmmm I might write to the Mall tho if I think on …tell them about the way the incident was handled and that I will be boycotting the store forthwith ……hey that would mean I never have to set foot in there again …RESULT!!!

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    1. Awesome blogs??? ….are you insane??? ….is this a wind up???? …erm …Thankyou for the thought tho ….I think:D:D:D …will have a look in a minute when I’ve sorted myself out …not sure what it means

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