‘It’s easy putting up walls but what about building bridges?’


Too many isms create schisms RIGHT?

On getting up this morning heard on the radio re a young ( I dare say disillusioned young man) an alleged ‘Islamist’ shooting and killing 49 people who happened to be homosexual in the US…….during the holy month of Ramadan? ….. In the name of Islam? …. I  don’t THINK so!!!

‘Oh god ….here we go again’  thought I ….Monday morning and my heart sank into my boots …….no ….fell through the floor with the tragedy and insanity of it all ….AGAIN!!!!

BUT we are fortunate enough to have a wonderful local radio station here ….and even MORE fortunate to have a presenter on it who was born and brought up in the area. His Father is Muslim originally from Pakistan and Mother, a local white girl who is now a public transport bus driver in the area and occaisionally guests on the show ….the exchange between Mother and son HILARIOUS to listen to 🙂

So anyway …..thank god for his show this morning ….what comes across is this guys seemingly boundless positive energy 🙂

As I have mentioned ….this area is a diverse mix of folk including a large Muslim population …the MIX being why I AND many others LOVE IT!!!  And YES …sadly 3 of the 4  7/7 bombers were from the neighbourhood where I live and work …..we’ve been through some RIGHT upheavals ….and as I have said before there is ALWAYS a kind of collective holding of the breath when these incidents occur around the globe ….wondering if anything is going to kick off in our community ….but you know what? …..to date it HASN’T!!!  I sincerely believe that the vast majority of folk just get on with their lives ALL as concerned as each other WHATEVER their personal background. YES there are bigots ACROSS the spectrum but by and large people just get on with their lives and each other:)

It was very interesting listening to Nick today whose aim of the show was the title of this post …..he not only held a ‘phone in’ but also had as guest the current leader of the local ‘Council for Mosques’ who was talking about when growing up all the different communities seemed to rub along together, and that HE felt people had started to close off and start to put up stronger barriers following the 9/11 attacks in New York …..and it’s TRUE ….THAT and the subsequent TOTALLY knee jerk war on Iraq were a turning point ……..maybe globally.

I reckon Nick and the current leader of the council for mosques are probably around my age given their reminiscences ….and don’t get me wrong …it was NEVER perfect …BUT it had felt like we were starting to head in the right direction ….then BANG!!!!

I must say there has been MUCH community cohesion work going on behind the scenes …PARTICULARLY since the 7/7 bombings …….today the current leader of the council for mosques ( who is a good guy and has helped preserve and promote a local synagogue …..a previous council leader who burnt Rushdies book was a Twat but we won’t go there …. ALL religions have their arsey leaders ….thank god currently we have a good egg)

ANYWAY where was I ……oh ….yes ….our current local leader pronounced on radio that there was no room in Islam for homophobia and messages of hate ….that Islam IS and should be about promoting peace and love ….HURRAH!!!!:):):):)

That’s what ALL religions promote at their core isn’t it?  What we need to get our heads around is that the rise of the so called ‘Islamists’ is not religious as such …its POLITICAL ….and the current holders of power ……global corporations and governments ( Arab countries included) AND religious leaders need to take a good hard look at THEMSELVES!

Because untill they do ….my feeling is …it ain’t going away ….and it ain’t just the alleged ‘Islamists’ who are pissed off:)   The whole shebang is neither sustaining nor sustainable …..GLOBALLY!!!

So ….that said …here are some positive images ( yep ok courtesy of Google) in homage to the 50 lives lost today (yes I include the kid with the gun)
And to anyone who thinks gay Muslims don’t exist ….oh yes they do …and many obstacles they face ….but love is love RIGHT?

As I have said before …I have deep respect for folk who follow a relgion …ANY religion … I don’t personally ….I do have faith tho ….but AGAIN like I said before …tuning into Om is a DIY job …and no’one is excluded 🙂

21 thoughts on “‘It’s easy putting up walls but what about building bridges?’

  1. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I’m tuning here, I’m tuning… and all DYI too! Wouldn’t it be much easier, simpler and definitely safer if everybody who actually does want peace on this world simply gave up on their religion(s)? You see, as long as there’s religion, there will be those twats who will gain control and manipulate believers and followers. Just sayin’

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    1. :D:D:D …..ok …..ok …ShaTara …..and yes of course it would be better if we could rid ourselves of ANYTHING that has the potential to cause division and bigotry …..including ‘religion’ ….but there’s a hell of a way to go on that score ……we’re human and we seem to need rules, regs and guidance of some kind:D:D:D
      Meditation is the key to getting rid of the crap tho and refocusing …whether it’s by way of ‘tune into Om’ as I audaciously call it:D:D:D ….Kayak’ing down a river ….playing a musical instrument or whatever ….it’s whatever takes you there but it IS a DIY job at the end of the day:)

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      1. Heheheh… slipped one past you! Instead of DIY (which I assume means do it yourself) I moved the pieces around on the board while you weren’t looking to spell DYI – do yourself in! Fun with acronyms!

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  2. This really is sad, i am looking at the world today and there are so so so many divisions created, Religion being one of the, Money, Politics, Tribe and many more all leading to a drop down in Humanity hence no peace. The world is loosing it, Many killing is ongoing and it is truly saddening. I believe pointing out this matters consistently to the entire world might help get people’s attention hence peace. It is like poking a Huge bear with a toothpick vigorously on the same spot until you get it’s attention 🙂 Wonderfully written post dear. Loved the read and thank you for bringing this perspective in me. – Cezane

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    1. Yep Dermott …my rant was dashed off as I got in from work last night …the only thing I had listened to was the local radio …..and I was RELIEVED to hear the leader of the council for mosques state that there was no room in Islam for homophobia and spreading hate ……I stopped bothering with mainstream media a couple of years ago because I was pissed off with its bias ….I just do what I do ……live my life and feel there are MANY untruths bandied about ….who knows why the kid did what he did ….there’s an awful lot of disaffected young people out there …particularly boys ….which can easily switch to hatred …..and yes it’s interesting that one story is that he regularly attended the Pulse club …..as I said in my rant ….Muslim AND gay is not unheard of but often there are far more obstacles to negotiate than a white western gay man would have on ‘coming out’ for example …..and NO that does not excuse the atrocity ….hate is hate ….the whole thing is STILL a human tragedy tho.

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    2. What strikes me as quite funny (if I may use that word here) in all of this is, if any animal species acted exactly the way man does… man would be horrified and probably would be making plans to eradicate that particular species as a threat to the earth.

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      1. Hmmmm ….yep …..could end up going down the conspiracy theory path now ….I see Trumps now ahead in the polls ….no …no …it’s a school night I need to relax …..a day at a time:):):):):):)


        1. So YOU have noticed too Dermott ……..lean in a minute Dermott I need to whisper ….it’s not dead Dermott ….in fact it’s not a cat …..it’s an alien directing his every move …it’s completely the other way round ….the thing called Donald Trump is simply an empty shell being directed from above 😉

          and with that I bid you goodnight:D:D:D


          1. I was thinking about this only this morning…has anyone ever seen one of the reptile people? good night? you’re going to bed? It’s only 23.17 here and I figure, what with Blog On etc, you’re either a Mancunian or a Scally?


    1. Hey I can be righteous if I like …it’s my blog folk can take it or leave it ….I don’t claim to be a guardian journo or even WORSE be in Murdochs pocket 😉

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      1. I must confess then, to having once been in the pay of Rothermere, he of Associated Newspapers, or as you might know it better, The Mail on Sunday, but don’t hold it against me. It’s toxic

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          1. Man has to earn a living. I worked for two and a half years as their Showbusiness editor and, subsequently, retired from journalism, in disgust, after 25 years in the business. So, please, don’t rush to judgement, it ill becomes you

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