Because this afternoon when driving to pick up Sam heard on local radio that one of our local MPs Jo Cox had been shot outside one of her constituency offices and was in critical condition.

Now Jo wasn’t just any old MP …..actually I shouldn’t say that …..restart …..OK …..Jo was a local girl who was the first one of her family to go to ‘grammar school’ and then University …..and not any old University ……maybe I shouldn’t say that either but what the hell … ….she went to CAMBRIDGE university ….TOP LEAGUE ….and then came back ……….not untill she’d done loads of other stuff including travelling various parts of the world working for Oxfam etc …..but no …she recognised …that with the privelage of her education and experiences the best way to make a difference was to get into politics ….she KNEW the challenges facing this area and others like it and came back to try to do something about it

Now I didn’t know her personally ….had spoken to her on the phone a couple of times and thought YES!!!  …..and I was aware of the reputation she was gathering which was ALL good!!!

And now the boys are in bed and have just heard the news and she has DIED!!! ….and am GUTTED!!! ….and I can’t stop crying which probably sounds ridiculous …because I am …ridiculous ….BUT I REALLY feel we have lost one of the good guys ….a rising star that was SURELY sending out sparkles but has not had chance to shine …not fully anyway …JO COX IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT POLITICS SHOULD BE ABOUT!!! …’s not about power and status for the sake of it ….that power and status is placed on the shoulders of politicians by US ….it’s called DEMOCRACY not an old boy network ….or a network of dictators corporate or religious …..those days are OVER ……….and if you ask me Jo represented a NEW WAVE OF POLITICS!!! ….working locally but with a nod to the global and the bigger issues facing us ALL today ….and she hasn’t been given a chance!!!

Blimey ..she’s only been an MP a year!!!

I understand that the guy who shot her is a 52 year old white male ….my guess is he’s one of the few bigots that still exist who is not happy with change ……….probably living in fear and self loathing ….maybe not too dissimilar to the guy who carried out the shootings in the US ….hate is hate ….tragedy is tragedy ….and I might be being a little over emotional here ..but to me the death of Jo Cox has in effect wiped out a potential future Prime Minister who would have done things VERY differently to the status quo

When I have said governments, corporations and world leaders should maybe take a good hard look at themselves …they should then take a good hard look at Jo Cox and what she stood for!!!

And if I sound bloody righteous I don’t give a SHIT!!!

And in and among all this …yes …in and among …she was just a normal working mum getting on with her day ……and NOW there is a guy left widowed with 2 little kids to support ….how the HELL is he dealing with this right now I wonder?

ANYWAY ….need to sleep as its a school day tomorrow …..


and have just tried uploading to WordPress some really lovely pictures of her and they haven’t uploaded….am all cried out and feel GUTTED!!!

7 thoughts on “GUTTED!!!

  1. sorry.

    in america i feel i see bigots everywhere so i do not have any hope in politics. but there is some condition we don’t speak of that drives people to these acts. it’s not evil, it’s that they’re hurting and our societies are missing something we better find soon.

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    1. Fortunately there are still SOME who enter politics for the right reasons I feel …..the politicians and maybe the rest of us need to shift our thinking ….ie ‘what constitutes a life of success’ … it material wealth or something else? One things for sure …although Jo’s life was cut brutally short it was certainly ‘successful’ …I am just saddened that she didn’t get the chance to become a major player on the national and international political scene …..this woman’s ‘life’ and the way she lead it is an inspiration for us ALL I feel:)

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    1. Thankyou ShaTara ….it’s the ‘Potential’ for the future we have ALL lost I feel ……but listening to folk roundabout and on the radio I think folk pretty much KNOW that so maybe something good might come from this tragedy as folk go foreward:)

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  2. Sorry for your loss – in death we have all got to know her – let’s pray some follow her example. That father will get on with bringing up his two young kids just as you have managed to – sure it’s not easy but those kids will know about their mother and have every reason to be proud! Good to clear those tear ducts out now and then.

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    1. Awwww Thankyou for your kind reply Kate …. I hope you’re right …that folk will start to look at what politics SHOULD be about …we have lost a very fine example of that in Jo’s passing I feel.

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