a tribute to a TRUE shining star .

Here is a REMARKABLE woman ……one that I WISH could have been around MUCH longer ….she had only just got started in terms of meeting her potential ….she really COULD have been a world leader …… in her short time as an MP here in her home area she was ALREADY making her mark …..I hope people from around the world look at and remember her beautiful face …..she could have been a ‘celebrity’ with such a face and such charisma but NO she was FAR from ‘manufactured’ …..in no’ones pocket …a woman of great intellect and compassion yet down to earth  ….walked the walk as well as talked the talk …..authentic and sincere …lived on a boat on the Thames with her family (Well c’mon …are you aware of the rent costs in London?) ….let her life be a TRUE inspiration.

And maybe ‘education’ is the key ….the generation coming up are ready for a New Wave of Politics around the world I feel …they’re FAR from stupid …they’re ‘global citizens’ see beyond narrow minded boundaries …thanks to technology they don’t even HAVE to physically travel …..although it’s always healthy to and emmerse in the culture whilst doing so if given the opportunity ….but even if they can’t … they’re still’connected’ …depends how they CHOOSE to use it ….yep you have to get on with your life wherever you are but also keep your eye on the bigger picture …….we function on a day to day basis on the little patch of this earth we find ourselves on but are also very much part of the interrelating WHOLE …..mutual respect and collaboration …….  keep moving in a sustaining and sustainable direction …one that carries with it ALL of us as human beings and the welfare of the planet at large hopefully

Jo Cox …tiny in stature but HUGE in terms of what she did and stood for..one of the worlds GREATEST women that we had but STARTED getting to know ……RESPECT:)

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