Earth landing

And Tim Peak has just this minute arrived back on earth ….why I am saying this I don’t know ….but he has… there we go

Just adding a paragraph and giving a title …..
Apparantly Tim has said that although he had enjoyed his time on the international space station it was better being back on earth breathing fresh air

I’ve heard before astronauts say things like the best thing about being in space was the view of the earth etc
I would imagine it puts things in perspective for them

And that’s just it ….just LOOK at the planet we live on …it’s AMAZING ….we are RIDICULOUS with our hidden agenda’s and squabbles ….can we not just ‘get’ with the deal ….work together and enjoy the ride?
Here on earth!
Now we can’t all go up there and enjoy the view …but here’s the next best thing ….and yes …yes …it’s a google image that I’ve used before ….


GORGEOUS isn’t it?:):):):):)

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