Earth landing

And Tim Peak has just this minute arrived back on earth ….why I am saying this I don’t know ….but he has… there we go Just adding a paragraph and giving a title ….…

Source: Earth landing

7 thoughts on “Earth landing

    1. Yep I dare say …but if you consider the world ..or even a country as a house …and you have to live within a budget.
      There’s folk who can’t afford to put food on the table or pay their utility bills … may feel the priorities for spending are a little off kilter:D:D:D
      I would like to know what experiments they conduct up there and why ….correct me if I’m wrong …but most of it seems to be about what happens to the human body whilst in space …and it doesn’t look too promising:D:D:D ….am sooo not against science and technology in fact I’m pro ….depending on the motivation ….and for me …it doesn’t really matter the nationality of an individual … inspirational people are inspirational people …there’s an 86 year old polish cyclist that props up the counter in the sandwich shop I go …gets allover the place …..and what with the hills around here …HE’S an inspiration:D:D:D

      Must admit …wouldn’t mind flying round …bouncing off the walls and chasing globules of water in an anti gravity chamber tho ……hmmmm and what would be my motivation?

      It just looks like a lot of fun:D:D:D

      Then again …maybe I just need to get myself another cycle:D:D:D

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      1. You’re right, all kinds of people are an inspiration. But today Tim is.
        As for money, what you say is true. But I think poverty could be wiped out by not having armies and wars. Besides, for every $ spent by NASA in space has earned the American economy alone $11. But I do wish we didn’t need money as much!

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