The wonders of blogging

What with the terrible events last week I  forgot to blog this …. now we may have national borders or oceans between us BUT one of the beauty’s of blogging is that they ‘virtually’  disappear:):):):):):)

I am a busy working mum in the UK …pescatarian (that’s fish eater not a swear word) ….like to cook …but time is of the essence particularly during the working week ….HOWEVER, I am following a fabulous cookery blog from an equally busy lady in India whose blog is called ‘Ministry of Curry’…..the other week I did a fabulous beetroot salad from this site and this week cooked this very simple fish recipe ( although I used halibut steak instead of the pomfret described as it isn’t available here) …..the beauty of these recipes is that they are quick, easy and believe me DELICIOUS!!!

Now mine doesn’t look quite as good as hers …I doubt I am going to make it onto the TV show Masterchef anytime soon:D:D:D …BUT …..Ta DaaAH!!!

Yep …believe me these recipes are wonderful ….I think Archana should put them in a book and sell it on Amazon or something …I would certainly buy it ….meanwhile check out her blog and enjoy:):):):):)


and so preparing for another week ….a little sad …a little hollow …. but it’ll be ok … just do your best ..and keep moving foreward ….think need to remember to switch on the ‘lone worker’ device tho ….yep we were reissued but keep forgetting about it ….ANYWAY ….breeeeeeeeeath

6 thoughts on “The wonders of blogging

    1. We’ve eaten it now Simon :D:D:D …and it WAS amazing …as was the salad the week before …just check out Archana’s blog ‘Ministry of Curry’ most of the recipes are dead easy ….they’re a godsend:)

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