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    1. Because the results are just in re the UK referendum on whether to leave or remain in the European Union. It’s been a very close call …almost a 50/50 split. Thing is it feels to be a backward step to me …..it’s ok for those who are relatively wealthy …live in Hampshire , Surrey etc ….but areas like here
      we tend to get forgotten about by Westminster and any funding for services , small business etc tends to come from European funds ….also in terms of tackling bigger issues like climate change …the European Union is pretty strong on this area ….here in the UK we’ve always been part in part out …I would have preferred to see us in …..as I like the idea of us moving towards being a global community without boarders and boundaries wherever possible …..it is just my personal point of view of course ….clearly 1/2 the country feel otherwise …but I suspect it’s for reasons looking inward and backwards rather than outwards and forewords …..I could be wrong ….I hope so:)

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