Trying to find some kind of anchor in this decision ….

David Cameron PM has just been on the TV …speaking very eloquently it has to be said ….however, his position as prime minister is now untenable and he has in effect given 3 months notice …..

The governor of the  Bank of England has also been on … giving his firm and decisive message which I believe was an attempt to be reassuring as the value of the pound plummets

The journo’s seem to be in shock …..the only person who seems jubilant is Nigel Pharage leader of a right wing fringe party that coined the phrase ‘Brexit’

For the record …as you may expect …the constituency here chose to ‘remain’ …..the only areas in West Yorkshire to vote Brexit were Leeds central and Harrogate ( affluent areas) ….I foresee a swing further to the right sadly ….

Maybe I should move to Scotland …they had a unanimous ‘remain’ vote across the board and already are talking about an ‘opt out’ of the UK wide overall majority( by a hairs breadth) decision to exit the European Union …….

Again …..don’t know how I feel just now ….but better get on with my day …the world hasn’t stopped revolving …………..


2 thoughts on “……

    1. Awwww ….Thankyou sooo much guys …have just got in ….and no it hasn’t stopped revolving …..we can still keep our eyes out for those dandilions that might be popping through the cracks in the concrete …we HAVE to …and they ARE there …we can just do our little bit where we are planted …sometimes it feels hard …but we just keep on keeping on …we MUST:):):):):):):):)


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