A pertinent speech on global migration

We’ve GOT to think BIG and differently on MANY levels …..how much is ‘enough’? ….what is a life of ‘success’?….what kind of world do we want for our kids?…..we ARE global ….facing global issues ….at a turning point in history …


And Yes …it’s Angelina Jolie

A celebrity but at least using her status to try to make a positive difference

The issues are not going to go away ……..as Ange says ..’If your neighbours house is on fire, it does not make you safe to lock your door’

There IS a butterfly effect

What are the root causes of our global predicament? …..it HAS to be addressed …..no’one is immune ….peace talks, sharing the wealth, thinking outside the box …’be’ing …and if possible ‘do’ ing

To quote our dear and sadly departed Jo …’We have far more in common than that which divides us’ …dont let this Brexit shit make us take our eye off the ball

ANYWAY …click below to hear Ange’s speech…off out with the boys this weekend …..


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