Stages of ‘divorce’

Ok have just been through this so know what it entails …..

  1. One side or the other or both are not happy
  2. You get into dialogue, communicate ….maybe through an intermediary like a marriage guidance counsellor if necassary

  3. You decide it isn’t working …..decide to seperate ….very emotional ….much turbulence with finances, living arrangements , extended family…. and the children?

  4. Eventually things settle and you go for the legal ‘divorce’ …..the ‘formal’ ending of the ‘marriage’

  5. Yep …throughout there are many ups and downs ….the children suffer ….you both end up skint ….life more of a struggle than it was before things became rocky but you all adjust and life goes on

Oh and sorry …got it wrong …it was the other way round …West Yorkshire and most of the deindustrialised areas voted ‘out’ ….Leeds central and Harrogate voted to ‘remain’ …which makes it worse ….feel pretty sad …..think I might just pack up and become a wandering nomad:(

11 thoughts on “Stages of ‘divorce’

        1. On a personal level …Yes kids are fine ..the eldest was affected the worst but he’s settled …he now spends time with his Dad which is important ( he previously refused) …the youngest is just a really chilled , laid back character and always has been :D:D

          On a national level …this particular kid is struggling a bit …nothing makes sense at the mo ….still can’t believe Jo Cox was murdered …and then I discover that the silent majority must have had similar ..if not as violent views …I was chatting to the lad at the garage yesterday …we were both in tears …we thought the vast majority of folks were sound:(

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        2. Sorry JD …I was probably speaking gobbledygook then .
          In the UK we just had a referendum whether to stay or leave the EU ….the campaign PARTICULARLY on the ‘leave’ side has been pretty nasty.
          We had a wonderful new MP here …she was doing some amazing stuff …she really would have made a fabulous prime minister one day …one of those rare people …incredibly intelligent , yet walked the walk as well as talked the talk
          ANYWAY she was murdered last week by a bloke who said his name was ‘death to all British traitors’ or something like that …it’s been a rollercoaster ride ……will be ok …just feel the rug pulled asunder a bit …and YES am now using the ‘lone worker device’:D:D

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    1. Ooooh THERES an interesting term …it’s a new one on me …lets hope for a ‘concious uncoupling’ from the eu then …hmmmm with Boris in there?:D:D:D


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