Where’ve they gone?

My last 2 posts have disappeared!!?? …will I EVER get the hang of this blogging lark?

Ah well …wash up time and movie with the boys

Prepped for another week on this crazy ride we call …’life’ 🙂

5 thoughts on “Where’ve they gone?

  1. Hey Simon ….you’re not kidding …I suspect it might get crazier yet …all we can do is keep tra la li ing and noticing the dandilions in the cracks of concrete and rubblle …..or in your case …gazing up at the stars …have a good week :):):):)


  2. You commented: “THANK GOD …ShaTara …I was wondering where you had got to ….my insane world has become even MORE insane …now am I going to feel better or worse when I’ve read your replying?:D:D:D

    Thankyou anyway …I was hoping you would send one at some point …and now to read:):):)”

    So, when I tried to comment back, I got the dreaded PAGE NOT FOUND. Funny the page isn’t there but I got the comment. Anyway, here’s hoping the reading wasn’t as dreadful as you thought it might be… 🙂

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