Advice? ……make sure you are equipped with clothing for all weathers :D:D:D

The word is out ……reported by Proffesor Gavin Foster (specialist in isotope and geochemistry)  …..the earths climate has measured  Co2 400 parts per million or above consistently throughout 2016 …….OK …..I hear you say …….so what?

Well …..he says it’s the point of no return ….basic physics apparantly ….the last time it was believed to measure this was pre ice age

Pre Industrial revolution it measured 280 parts per million to put it in some kind of context

SO ….expect weird weather, sea level rises etc  …..who knows the time scale for the end of humans but it is confirmed a ‘when’ not an ‘if ‘ and the process is CERTAINLY ecselerated by us pulling down trees and burning fossil fuels etc…..messing with the ecosystem…….but DON’T PANIC!!! …..for the moment the advice is simply…..make sure your wardrobe is stocked with clothing suitable for ALL weathers:D:D:D

So there we are …….that’s it then ……..better check the wardrobe ….Hmmmmmmm have got the hot weather sorted but need a new winter coat:D:D:D …….. seems we’re in for a bit of a roller coaster ride:D:D:D
Makes a bit of a mockery of us all racing around going BOO at each other ( and worse) doesn’t it ?………. maybe we just need to hold a kind of enormous  final party and invite the neighbours 😉

Earth landing

And Tim Peak has just this minute arrived back on earth ….why I am saying this I don’t know ….but he has… there we go

Just adding a paragraph and giving a title …..
Apparantly Tim has said that although he had enjoyed his time on the international space station it was better being back on earth breathing fresh air

I’ve heard before astronauts say things like the best thing about being in space was the view of the earth etc
I would imagine it puts things in perspective for them

And that’s just it ….just LOOK at the planet we live on …it’s AMAZING ….we are RIDICULOUS with our hidden agenda’s and squabbles ….can we not just ‘get’ with the deal ….work together and enjoy the ride?
Here on earth!
Now we can’t all go up there and enjoy the view …but here’s the next best thing ….and yes …yes …it’s a google image that I’ve used before ….


GORGEOUS isn’t it?:):):):):)

a tribute to a TRUE shining star .

Here is a REMARKABLE woman ……one that I WISH could have been around MUCH longer ….she had only just got started in terms of meeting her potential ….she really COULD have been a world leader …… in her short time as an MP here in her home area she was ALREADY making her mark …..I hope people from around the world look at and remember her beautiful face …..she could have been a ‘celebrity’ with such a face and such charisma but NO she was FAR from ‘manufactured’ … no’ones pocket …a woman of great intellect and compassion yet down to earth  ….walked the walk as well as talked the talk …..authentic and sincere …lived on a boat on the Thames with her family (Well c’mon …are you aware of the rent costs in London?) ….let her life be a TRUE inspiration.

And maybe ‘education’ is the key ….the generation coming up are ready for a New Wave of Politics around the world I feel …they’re FAR from stupid …they’re ‘global citizens’ see beyond narrow minded boundaries …thanks to technology they don’t even HAVE to physically travel …..although it’s always healthy to and emmerse in the culture whilst doing so if given the opportunity ….but even if they can’t … they’re still’connected’ …depends how they CHOOSE to use it ….yep you have to get on with your life wherever you are but also keep your eye on the bigger picture …….we function on a day to day basis on the little patch of this earth we find ourselves on but are also very much part of the interrelating WHOLE … respect and collaboration …….  keep moving in a sustaining and sustainable direction …one that carries with it ALL of us as human beings and the welfare of the planet at large hopefully

Jo Cox …tiny in stature but HUGE in terms of what she did and stood of the worlds GREATEST women that we had but STARTED getting to know ……RESPECT:)



Because this afternoon when driving to pick up Sam heard on local radio that one of our local MPs Jo Cox had been shot outside one of her constituency offices and was in critical condition.

Now Jo wasn’t just any old MP …..actually I shouldn’t say that …..restart …..OK …..Jo was a local girl who was the first one of her family to go to ‘grammar school’ and then University …..and not any old University ……maybe I shouldn’t say that either but what the hell … ….she went to CAMBRIDGE university ….TOP LEAGUE ….and then came back ……….not untill she’d done loads of other stuff including travelling various parts of the world working for Oxfam etc …..but no …she recognised …that with the privelage of her education and experiences the best way to make a difference was to get into politics ….she KNEW the challenges facing this area and others like it and came back to try to do something about it

Now I didn’t know her personally ….had spoken to her on the phone a couple of times and thought YES!!!  …..and I was aware of the reputation she was gathering which was ALL good!!!

And now the boys are in bed and have just heard the news and she has DIED!!! ….and am GUTTED!!! ….and I can’t stop crying which probably sounds ridiculous …because I am …ridiculous ….BUT I REALLY feel we have lost one of the good guys ….a rising star that was SURELY sending out sparkles but has not had chance to shine …not fully anyway …JO COX IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT POLITICS SHOULD BE ABOUT!!! …’s not about power and status for the sake of it ….that power and status is placed on the shoulders of politicians by US ….it’s called DEMOCRACY not an old boy network ….or a network of dictators corporate or religious …..those days are OVER ……….and if you ask me Jo represented a NEW WAVE OF POLITICS!!! ….working locally but with a nod to the global and the bigger issues facing us ALL today ….and she hasn’t been given a chance!!!

Blimey ..she’s only been an MP a year!!!

I understand that the guy who shot her is a 52 year old white male ….my guess is he’s one of the few bigots that still exist who is not happy with change ……….probably living in fear and self loathing ….maybe not too dissimilar to the guy who carried out the shootings in the US ….hate is hate ….tragedy is tragedy ….and I might be being a little over emotional here ..but to me the death of Jo Cox has in effect wiped out a potential future Prime Minister who would have done things VERY differently to the status quo

When I have said governments, corporations and world leaders should maybe take a good hard look at themselves …they should then take a good hard look at Jo Cox and what she stood for!!!

And if I sound bloody righteous I don’t give a SHIT!!!

And in and among all this …yes …in and among …she was just a normal working mum getting on with her day ……and NOW there is a guy left widowed with 2 little kids to support ….how the HELL is he dealing with this right now I wonder?

ANYWAY ….need to sleep as its a school day tomorrow …..


and have just tried uploading to WordPress some really lovely pictures of her and they haven’t uploaded….am all cried out and feel GUTTED!!!


Shock ….numb ….feel sick and shaky …want to cry but pressing down as just picked Sam up ….full of excitement re the England match so don’t want him to know just yet …….well …we DON’T know yet ….daren’t put the radio or tv on …..just hope ….hope ….HOPE she’s ok ….spoke too soon …shit HAS HAPPENED in our community …..right here …on the doorstep ……..  ITS A DAMN BLOODY INSANE WORLD that we live in sometimes and I certainly don’t feel ‘righteous’ now …..don’t know how I feel anymore

‘It’s easy putting up walls but what about building bridges?’


Too many isms create schisms RIGHT?

On getting up this morning heard on the radio re a young ( I dare say disillusioned young man) an alleged ‘Islamist’ shooting and killing 49 people who happened to be homosexual in the US…….during the holy month of Ramadan? ….. In the name of Islam? …. I  don’t THINK so!!!

‘Oh god ….here we go again’  thought I ….Monday morning and my heart sank into my boots …….no ….fell through the floor with the tragedy and insanity of it all ….AGAIN!!!!

BUT we are fortunate enough to have a wonderful local radio station here ….and even MORE fortunate to have a presenter on it who was born and brought up in the area. His Father is Muslim originally from Pakistan and Mother, a local white girl who is now a public transport bus driver in the area and occaisionally guests on the show ….the exchange between Mother and son HILARIOUS to listen to 🙂

So anyway …..thank god for his show this morning ….what comes across is this guys seemingly boundless positive energy 🙂

As I have mentioned ….this area is a diverse mix of folk including a large Muslim population …the MIX being why I AND many others LOVE IT!!!  And YES …sadly 3 of the 4  7/7 bombers were from the neighbourhood where I live and work …..we’ve been through some RIGHT upheavals ….and as I have said before there is ALWAYS a kind of collective holding of the breath when these incidents occur around the globe ….wondering if anything is going to kick off in our community ….but you know what? … date it HASN’T!!!  I sincerely believe that the vast majority of folk just get on with their lives ALL as concerned as each other WHATEVER their personal background. YES there are bigots ACROSS the spectrum but by and large people just get on with their lives and each other:)

It was very interesting listening to Nick today whose aim of the show was the title of this post …..he not only held a ‘phone in’ but also had as guest the current leader of the local ‘Council for Mosques’ who was talking about when growing up all the different communities seemed to rub along together, and that HE felt people had started to close off and start to put up stronger barriers following the 9/11 attacks in New York …..and it’s TRUE ….THAT and the subsequent TOTALLY knee jerk war on Iraq were a turning point ……..maybe globally.

I reckon Nick and the current leader of the council for mosques are probably around my age given their reminiscences ….and don’t get me wrong …it was NEVER perfect …BUT it had felt like we were starting to head in the right direction ….then BANG!!!!

I must say there has been MUCH community cohesion work going on behind the scenes …PARTICULARLY since the 7/7 bombings …….today the current leader of the council for mosques ( who is a good guy and has helped preserve and promote a local synagogue …..a previous council leader who burnt Rushdies book was a Twat but we won’t go there …. ALL religions have their arsey leaders ….thank god currently we have a good egg)

ANYWAY where was I ……oh ….yes ….our current local leader pronounced on radio that there was no room in Islam for homophobia and messages of hate ….that Islam IS and should be about promoting peace and love ….HURRAH!!!!:):):):)

That’s what ALL religions promote at their core isn’t it?  What we need to get our heads around is that the rise of the so called ‘Islamists’ is not religious as such …its POLITICAL ….and the current holders of power ……global corporations and governments ( Arab countries included) AND religious leaders need to take a good hard look at THEMSELVES!

Because untill they do ….my feeling is …it ain’t going away ….and it ain’t just the alleged ‘Islamists’ who are pissed off:)   The whole shebang is neither sustaining nor sustainable …..GLOBALLY!!!

So ….that said …here are some positive images ( yep ok courtesy of Google) in homage to the 50 lives lost today (yes I include the kid with the gun)
And to anyone who thinks gay Muslims don’t exist ….oh yes they do …and many obstacles they face ….but love is love RIGHT?

As I have said before …I have deep respect for folk who follow a relgion …ANY religion … I don’t personally ….I do have faith tho ….but AGAIN like I said before …tuning into Om is a DIY job …and no’one is excluded 🙂

in trouble with ‘the law’

Oh yes … in a bit of bother today

I had to go to to the Mall with the youngest to get something he needed for school AND he wanted an EXCUSE to just nip there I believe :D:D:D ………he KNOWS I detest the places …packed with what appear to be zombies ( although I’m sure they’re very nice when they get home) ….no ventilation so you cannot breath … screaming in protest at being there ….by the time I get to the first escalater ( ESCALATE r !!! …’ve gotta be kidding …you step on and are sandwiched in …cannot move …and sloooooowly elevate or decend at snail speed there is NOTHING escalating about it apart from my mood and the song that always plays in my head at these times which I imagine being blasted out of the tannoy system but alas never is 😦

Anyway where was I? …..Oh yes ….by the time I get to the first escalater I am having to curb the desire to mow everyone down and break free:D:D:D

As you can tell I’m NOT a shopper ….which is just as well as I live to a budget ….I cannot fathom why folk consider a visit to the Mall some kind of outing???

So ….here we were ……nipping in here …out there ….looking at this ….checking that ….if anyone was watching it would have looked like role reversal  I’m sure :D:D …..the Mother dragging her heels and yawning as the young male child skipped merrily from shop to shop declaring

‘Ooooooooh look at this …..and THIS …..and ……’

So in and among …..we purchased a pretzel and drink each from this vendor who was giving little samples away and very nice they were too hence our purchase …..whilst I was faffing about in my purse to pay I sent said offspring upstairs where various eateries surround the walls with a load of tables taking up the rest of the space on that particular floor…….the ‘eatery floor’ if you will … know …a VAST space where folk EAT!!!

Anyway ….there  we were tucking in when this rather portly woman with an over exaggerated air of authority came marching up to us …..she just marched up and declared loudly and boldly


‘Really? ……and why NOT!!?’ said I

( I wasn’t in the best of moods at being there in the first place remember ….I could have WELL done without a ‘jobsworth’ on my back’)

‘This is a Macdonalds seat and your not a customer’ said she with the most smug self satisfied attitude I have seen in a long time

‘Well all the seats on this floor look exactly the same to me ( they do ….ALL the chairs are the same)  this is the eatery floor …we will be spending under 5 minutes eating and then be on our way’

‘BUT YOUR NOT ALLOWED’ repeated she

‘Who says?’  said I

(I was starting to get a little irrate ….it wasn’t so much what she was saying as HOW she was saying it ……I  suddenly caught myself tho and thought ‘OK have the youngest with me how shall I deal with this’

‘OK’ says I ‘I always thought on THIS floor you just purchased your food and sat wherever there was a vacancy I mean it’s not even as if it’s full ( it wasn’t there was looooads of space) ‘Where ARE we allowed to sit and eat?

She then proceeded to verbally carve up the entire floor into what seating belonged to whom ……..I couldn’t BELIEVE it!!!??

However, by the time she’d taken her obvious delight in doing so we had finished

We stood up and as I brushed passed her I muttered under my breath ‘Ronaldmcbloodydonalds a facist and SO are YOU’ …I know I know ……..I just couldn’t help myself …..and NO we didn’t clear our table …..this has NEVER happened before …I cannot believe that the Mall has hired someone to ‘police’ the eatery floor ……and the law of the mall will be upheld to the nth degree even though the place was virtually EMPTY!!!?

On the drive home Sam and myself had a chat about it …I was explaining to him that yep there were rules in life and really we should try to follow them ….that sometimes some rules don’t make sense and unfortunately neither do people ….sometimes the very people that uphold them ……but you needed to be VERY careful not to get on the wrong side of folk like that.

‘Yes Mum I understand ‘ said Sam

‘Mum I have an idea’ said he

‘Oh yes’ said I ‘What’s that?’

‘If we ever get in that situation again just kick me under the table I’ll put on my big eyes look all cute and say ……Awwwwwwww Mum  it looks like it’s back to the soup kitchen again for us’

‘SAM!!’ said I ‘You can’t say THAT!!!’

Then he started laughing ……He’s a cheeky one that one …….hmmmmmm I keep forgetting he’s approaching adolescence …..he’s developing sarcasm …..thinks I’m a spendthrift for not just buying a bloody MacDonalds in the first place :D:D:D:D

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!  I always did find clowns a bit …….you know …….put it this way I wouldn’t trust one:D:D:D

Further evidence ….

RIGHT guys ……Imagine you’re cooped up in an office in the heat of summer …the Windows don’t open ….someone has put the heating on and you can’t turn it off …..there are a couple of pretty weak electric fans on … are dressed for ‘work’ ….ok no jacket but tailored trousers and shirt , undies, socks, shoes …maybe a tie…..RIGHT hold that thought:D:D:D

the lungi IS cool …….what more evidence do you need?

PS) Have just checked with my eldest and HE has said he would rather wear the above than trousers in hot weather and HE reckons to be streetwise …..we just need to keep an open mind …what’s comfortable AND stylish …yep we’re ALL a little vain ….but who sets the ‘dress code’ ….it’s the 21st century keep the best of  the ‘traditional’ when it IS relevant for the times ….and leave the obstacles behind ….eeeeeeeeasy :):):):):):)