‘Karma Currency’

So right at this moment I am in Islington London ….for those who don’t know it ..it’s a slightly bohemian area( kind of champagne socialist if you know what I mean) …..a mix of young hipsters …older semi hippy types ..and folk from allover the world ….where I am staying the owners are Indian …my neighbours are African …there is a young family from the Netherlands and a young hip Japanese couple:D:D:D

It’s interesting that when I was down here last year I noticed beards were big with the young hipsters …..this year it appears to be buns ….and no ….I don’t mean the American version …in fact folk around Islington appear to have small…or at least average sized buns of the American variety ….I think it’s down to the largely vegetarian diet  ….there’s expensive yoga classes and vegetarian restaurants galore in this neck of the woods:D:D ….Oh ….and I’m referring to the guys ….you know ….when I’m talking about beards and buns …..GOD where am I going with this ???:D:D:D

SO ….what the heck am I doing HERE???

Well …last year I attended a weekend at a place called ‘Yoga Campus’…there was a lecture at Kings College London (yes …yes …I know …I wondered what I was doing there too ) on the Friday eve and 2 full days of Yoga led by a guy called Dr  ALV Kumar ….who works as a Nuclear Physicist is a family man AND Yogi …….and it was FABULOUS …on the Friday eve he was in a lecture theatre firing marbles at slits in a board amongst other things:D:D:D …..followed by 2 full days of Yoga as a meditative practice with the breath …..a modern day guy teaching traditional yoga  HOW IT SHOULD BE DONE ……HURRAH!!!:D:D:D

Anyway …the other week I received an e’mail saying they were opening another ‘Yoga Campus’ in Manchester and they were having an ‘open weekend’ this weekend …..I thought …Ooooh the boys will be with their Dad so I might pop along for a look around ….but THEN I received another e’mail about training as a meditation teacher with ‘Traditional Yoga UK’ a branch of Kumar’s charity ‘Yoga Healing’and THAT was this weekend too ….it was a no brainer ….so here I am …and enjoying myself immensely …………………whether I become a meditation teacher or not remains to be seen :D:D:D….. but  this course in terms of explanation of meditation, the different forms and why we focus on the breath …not to mention study of the Yoga Sutra’s and the similarity with Buddhist texts is SPOT ON!!!

There’s a couple of 10 day retreats too ….one here in the UK and another in India….but I can’t afford those ….either financially or in terms of taking time off work ….so will just have to do the weekend follow up in August

So there we are ………

And I haven’t even got around to why this post is called ‘Karma Currency’ yet:D:D:D

Hmmmmmm ……ok so let’s get back to that …..I think I mentioned in my ‘Deserted British Beach in Febuary’ post about how we meet amazing folk by chance …….last year when heading down here I got the train…..it so happened that rhe train was cancelled but we were ‘allowed to catch the one coming behind …….whilst waiting I got chatting to a woman who was on her way to Greece to help out with the migrant crisis …at the time this wasn’t being reported much in the press ….when the train came we got on the first class carriage …we chatted all the way down to London …when they came round with lunch we decided to pretend we had been in first class all along …maybe a little naughty but hey ho:D:D

This time everything was a bit last minute and more strapped for cash so caught the bus …the bus was delayed too (we really do need to renationalise public transport here) ……anyway. ..my travel companion this time was a young(ish) lad who lives just outside London working as a consultant researching and developing alternative energy systems …gets all over the world …and had just spent a few days in Leeds where he teaches and mentors at the University ….my god ….and I thought I could talk:D:D:D ……No polite chit chat for us …covered the referendum and British Politics …the Indian Prime Minister Modi global finance and the subject of my last blog post …..not to mention space:D:D …when he finally found out why I was going down to London his reply was …’My god the world really is topsy turvey ….here’s me working all hours for a British company that doesn’t trust its employees and is far too beurocratic …..and there’s you studying yoga which I abandoned when I was about 12 ‘ …..YES he was Indian :D:D:D ….and in actual fact judging by his philosophy on and way he lived his life he hasn’t abandoned it really ….

On discussing global finance and greed he said he felt the best currency was ‘Karma Currency’ ……I asked if he would please put his hat in the ring for electing as our PM ….he replied that he couldn’t as did not have a British passport  …..to which I replied ‘Well you keep doing what you’re doing then but I think I might just emigrate’:D:D:D

Am serious too …I think I’m becoming an ‘Indophile’or something :D:D … I have ambitions to retire to Jaipur …it looks such a beautiful place …steeped in history …yet what looks like a potential 21st century  art scene:):):):)

Aaaaah well ….it’s good to dream

Last day here tomorrow …then jump on the bus back up north …pick up the boys and back to the usual working week ……..Hmmmm minus clean laundry ….Oh what the heck:D:D:D

3 thoughts on “‘Karma Currency’

  1. Quote: “… I have ambitions to retire to Jaipur …it looks such a beautiful place”] OK, so I read that line and the computer was slightly too far for clear reading, so my glasses told me I read… “I have ambitions to retire to Jupiter… it looks such a beautiful place” and I thought, why not retire to Jupiter, if you can buy a seat on the next shuttle… It’s in the solar system, in the family, so to speak.

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    1. :D:D:D:D laughing at your reply Sha Tara …..I might sound like I’m on a different planet 1/2 the time but I hope to retire on this one ….have a little time to fully appreciate it before I leave it :D:D:D


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