Think I’ve sussed what’s going on here …..

Ok ….so last year beards were big with the young ‘hipster’ guys and this year it seems to be the wearing of hair tied up in a bun ….BUT it’s part of the SAME phenomenon ….it’s the SAME guys ….they just haven’t shaved or cut their hair for the past year LOOK !!!

See what I mean:D:D:D    Maybe we’re all becoming ‘Indophiles’ there IS something trad yogi about this particular look you have to admit:D:D:D

Hmmmmmm according to my recent travel companion, the youngsters in India are all donning suits wanting fast cars, girls in mini skirts and all mod cons ….and the Brits are turning to THIS …..a topsy turvey world indeed …..or maybe a great big invisible wooden spoon stirring things up a bit  ….a global soup on a human level:D:D:D …..I like the thought of that tho ….hmmmmm YES soup a bit like a bag of revels is always interesting isn’t it?

12 thoughts on “Think I’ve sussed what’s going on here …..

  1. Ha haa Amy ….well my teen grew his hair like the youngest …a kind of messy Afro ….this past year or so he’s just gone shorter and shorter tho so now is almost bald:D:D:D
    It’s better your teens preferring to embrace the hippy within than adopt a kind of bro from da hood persona tho :D:D:D


  2. You know I just got back form a trip to Bangalore India from San Fran, my home. It was more western than California! Like a super colorful dancing singing version. It was non-stop conspicuous consumption. I suppose every culture has to get fat on their wealth before they can learn it is all meaningless without love and recognition of mutual self interest. Funny non-duality’s journey across time and space. Who am I to stop and spoil anyone’s fun?! We are all learning that profit was the wrong guide for our culture. We have so much more potential than conspicuous consumption to make people wealthy who despise the world they come from. I think its a great world and worth sacrificing my needs for. It has given me everything I needed to remember I am not separate from anything. In that way, all of this, is worth it, no?

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    1. Yes I agree entirely ….Yes I’m all for fun too …just hope the baby isn’t thrown out with the bath water in the name of ‘development’ …don’t think so though…look at Modi? ….yes he’s into business but I understand he’s also an environmentalist and Yogi ……I reckon we will ALL be looking to India for solutions before too long …including the young Indians when they realise the shallowness of ‘consumerism’ for the sake of it …I know this is a generalisation but in my experience the Indians tend to be a highly intelligent bunch with an AMAZING cultural heritage afterall
      There’s a long overdue evening out of ‘wealth’ not just between countries but within them also….Africa will be next hopefully ….a great global shift …and yes that certainly will be worth it …maybe then we can all eventually just ‘be’ and enjoy our time here …we should be able to with today’s technology AND a nod to what worked ( and is now being scientifically proven) from the ancients ….I’m still hopeful even if not in my lifetime ……sometimes there seems to be a hell of a way to go:) …..we’ve not to be fearful and pull up the nationalistic drawbridges ….we ARE global citizens …it’s in no ones interest to pretend otherwise:)

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      1. I keep coming across more and more people who feel as you. There are movements promoting The Great Turning. I think it is happening. Things outside are reflecting what is going on inside. People are hungry for another way. People are remembering, but others are flailing. It beyond books and gurus and systems of thought or the next self help system. We simply have to help them see by reflecting back at them what they need, what we need. Peace and acceptance and recognition of our state as imperfect being with choices that have consequences that are connected to one another. I’m a non-dualist/open thinker who sees we can take what ever we need in the moment. All I can do is write to myself.

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        1. I’d not heard of ‘the great turning’ but it all kind of makes sense doesn’t it? Things surely aren’t sustainable as is ….seems we’ve already hit the mark of no return for climate change tho so we might have been a bit slow on the uptake …the end of humans now a ‘when’ not an ‘if’ …hmmmmm maybe there IS some truth in ‘ignorance is bliss’ or at least ‘ignorance’ serves for better crowd control:D:D
          No ….things CAN be slowed …and with advances in technology …who knows? …. Things have got to change for sure ….we reap what we sow …can’t escape that ‘Karma Currency’:)

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  3. Practically, they know I think only a remnant of mankind can move forward. I hope all of all mankind learns or passes away and humankind has a chance to live. But that’s boxed monkey brain thinking.

    Don’t forget, there is always another way.

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