……and where might a new way of doing things come from I wonder?

Now this made me think maybe Cameron ain’t too bad AFTERALL …….hmmmmm well no not quite BUT  maybe a benefit of coming out of the EU is better communication and trade with India, Africa, Canada and others …..Hmmmmm check this one out ….seems am not the only one who is some kind of ‘Indophile’:D:D:D


Hmmmmm when I think about it , it makes more sense ……it was EU rules stopped us having fish n chips wrapped in newspaper ….our national dish was screwed …BRING BACK FISH n CHIPS with CURRY SAUCE wrapped in NEWSPAPER …eaten sat on a wall outside on a frosty winters night YES one of those cheap and cheerful traditions banished by the beige beaurocrats in Brussels:D:D:D:D

Oooooops have got headache now ….shhhhhhh …..sleeeeep

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