‘Branding’ of consumer goods

oNow this one made me laugh ….I believe it is true YES …but only this week I heard that the supermarket chain Tesco were being taken to task about one of their new product lines that claims to be from a British Farm in Cumbria …..I was listening to the Tesco guy speak on the radio …he was saying that just because the packaging claimed to be from this farm didn’t mean it ACTUALLY was and that a lot of the ingredients were from ALLOVER the world ….but THEN he had the audacity to say that surely folk were ‘brand savvy’ and would know this

You see these guys just don’t ‘get’ it do they?

It seems we are wanting ethical/environmental and socially aware products ….and rather than supply this they are simply jumping on the bandwagon but continuing the same old, same old ….turning ‘profit’ for the sake of it whilst selling us a lie ….AND they think we’re too damn stupid to realise:D:D:D

Here’s another interesting little YouTube vid


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3 thoughts on “ ‘Branding’ of consumer goods

  1. Tesco are just copying Aldi who’ve been using their farm brands for a while. At least with Aldi it is plainly obvious that they’re not actual British farms. Still, it’s seems like an attempt to hoodwink the less wary shopper. As they say, there are lies, damn lies and marketing!

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