Collaboration not ‘top down’ ….

And that’s what folk don’t ‘get’ …….whether in politics or business …..hmmmm just watch this little YouTube clip about what ACTUALLY motivates us (sent to me recently by my ‘bus buddy’:)

4 thoughts on “Collaboration not ‘top down’ ….

  1. Hey, this was awesome! I shared it with my VP and CIO of a 50k person global company. Like, this is what I am responsible for.

    Innovation and you just gave me a way to describe what I have been unable to.

    Very valuable to me this. Thank you. And we get what we give for sure.

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    1. Ha haaa ….you can employ me if you like …I could be a kind of ‘communication’ and ‘ideas’ person ….I’m very good at boosting morale too …am a team player …not front end but kind of coral le from the wings and back …push the talent foreward:D:D:D


    1. Yep …I get this …I am still ‘detoxing’ …feeling wobbly but not as bad as I was over the weekend which felt more like flu ….sticking with it ….gotta go through the process:):):):)

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