Hot eyelids …

Hot and heavy

Hard to stay open ….BUT

Close and it’s hot EYES


Every inch and senew aching

No words to express

Cannot ……..utterance a squeaky croak

Alien and unintelligible

Oh why did I do this?

My body must be FULL of poison

A wasted weekend

Drinking ‘Detox tea’

9 thoughts on “Hot eyelids …

      1. Yes I always detox. Make my own juice every other day and drink herbal tea. Drink lemon in warm water every morning. Great detox that is. I gather you’ve been boozing? 😩

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  1. Wish I could say had been boozing …feel am dying poetpas:( ……..just know it’s part of ‘detox’ process tho ….if I don’t actually die within the next couple of days will be fine:D:D:D

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  2. Were you bingeing, huh, huh? If you ever feel like laughing at the concept, try reading the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich… your post reminded me of Stephanie and Lula and all their misadventures as would-be bounty hunters. No annoying life lessons there, just good fun reading, and there’s over 20 novels (I’m half-way through the list) and each new one seems to build up on the previous and get more crazy and hilarious. Just a thought. Now detox… glad it’s you and not me. My idea of bingeing is having a beer with my special friend – yes, even detached people are allowed one special friend, or at least I make the allowance, and no guilt feelings either.

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    1. :D:D:D ….sorry to disappoint ….am no creative writer and have the life of a nun ….a nun that has made herself feel crap thro detoxifying …how much purification can one person take!!!:D:D:D … and no further comments I have children following my blog:D:D:D

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