Day 4 ……

Erm ……….

Somethings not quite right is it?

Why am I doing this?

Why do I feel like shit?

Feel like whacking those radiant women above with my cushion ……they’re looking a bit smug if you ask me:D:D …..actually at least I can now speak …but have got a muggy head …..and I’m craving fish and chips with curry sauce wrapped in newspaper ……in actual fact think I could just eat a newspaper:(

I’ve never done this before and I hate to say it but don’t do feeling ill silently ….OMG!!! it will be worth it in the end tho right?

Oh woe …woe ….and thrice woe

15 thoughts on “Day 4 ……

    1. I’m rubbish at goal setting Antra …I’m only on day 4 and fantasising about eating newspaper:D:D:D:D
      I WILL persevere tho …’s just one of those things I felt I had to do …thanks for your support:) x

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      1. I know how it feels Fijay! But just imagine yourself coming out stronger and fitter! Of course you don’t have to starve yourself, but eat right! People are gonna drool over once the reslt is out 😀

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        1. Lol …I will …I WILL PERCEVERE …….I am hoping to not get quite as knackered Antra but so far it ain’t looking so good ….it’s all the toxins working their way out tho right?
          I’ll be just like those radiant young things in 21 days time:D:D:D

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              1. Haha! Not expecting miracles! 😀 But I’m definitely expecting a stronger and brighter version of you! Once you’re through I know you’ll love yourself for doing it! Stay strong and determined 👍 😀

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    1. Hey thanks poetpas ….yep I know ….it makes you appreciate what addicts must go thro ….it must be 10 times worse ….am a bit of a drama queen if feel ill I must admit ….but think I was a bit cocky …certainly wasn’t expecting this …it’s been soooo bad might as well finish ….Muslim folk I know say the first week is always the hardest …we’ll see:D:D:D


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