Day 5

Now I don’t know whether it’s in my imagination ….. possibly Antra’s comments urging me on ( Thankyou Antra :):):):):) ………or maybe it’s because I looked at the pic of myself wallowing in self pity …..I DO tend to lol about like that milking it to to the nth degree when feeling ill … they had run out of ‘stoicism’ when they got to me on the ‘feeling ill’ front ….it’s why I don’t drink above a couple of glasses of alcohol when out socially :D:D

Alcohol does not do me good …don’t even like the taste really ….BUT THIS!!??? ….I thought I was pretty healthy for my age …… caught unawares by how AWFUL I have actually felt starting this detox regime ….reassured slightly by googling ‘symptoms’ but rather than thinking positively about the ‘purging of toxins’ …..which seemed to affect every inch of my being INCLUDING MY VOICEBOX AND EYES!!!  I have spent the last few days lolling around going ‘woe is me’ at every available opportunity

ANYWAY I woke at 6am this morning BEFORE THE ALARM was like the lights had been switched back on ….yes …yes …I’m still a bit snuffly and muggy headed BUT the aches have gone and I fair bounced out of bed …… the thing is I had felt so bad I had not been meditating …AND THIS IS PRECISELY WHEN YOU SHOULD … detox the mind as well as the physical body …..the 2 going hand in hand ….the double whammy rebalance so to speak …I could go further into the interconnectness on a microcosmic level etc etc but let’s not get carried away ..folk only think am bonkers when I go off on on one like that

AND …AND ….it’s not a ‘regime’ is it ….well actually that’s part of the problem …the 21 day detox kind of LOOKS like one and I’m not very good at those ……maybe it’s the terminology …..

SO …I’ve  decided to view it differently ….and ok I haven’t miraculously turned into some radiant beaming beauty so joyous am I re this experience (I still want to whack those women with my cushion …in actual fact have been looking at them again and the blond one is viewing the bananas with a very a strange expression if you ask me ….. she looks a bit wary …..the other woman is wallowing in every available fruit EXCEPT bananas …..the last one has clearly been admitted to some kind of clinical institution in what looks to be a sterile environment free from all visible organicmatter and WHAT on EARTH has become of Ms day 21 !!!?? From where I’m sitting she has been reduced to a shadow of a being who although clearly bendy has the substance of what looks like watermelon with a singular protruding limb of spring onion …and thank goodness for THAT say I …I mean watermelon is all very well but it’s consistancy is just watery mush…WHERE would that pitiful being be without her Spring onion:D:D

Anyway I digress …where was I …oh yes:D:D …

BUT considering I’ve never done this before and there is hmmmmm what? ….let’s just say over 21years of build up of ingesting allsorts in there …it’s just 21 days of drinking this ere ‘tea’ and eating fresh fruit and veggies etc….ok so no bars of Galaxy chocolate or almond croissants AND I really need to prioritise having lunch rather than being soooo damned  busy I find myself wolfing down a family bag of revels at 4pm when sat in the car picking up Sam from school ( I MEANT to share them but they just DISAPPEARED ok?:D:D;) …..BUT once its done ….just need to do a mini every now and again to prevent the build up getting this bad …maybe a weekend a month….it’s a piece of cake really ……..

Oh God  ‘cake’ mmmmmmm… …no …..NO CAKE!!!!   not just yet anyway:D:D:D

And SO to quote one of my faves who not only speaks to my soul but makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside …

Keep it simple ……Don’t sweat the small stuff …hmmmmm well actually yes do in this situation but ANYWAY just 16 more days to go
Aaaaagh!!! …see… just saying that makes it sound like purgatory:D:D:D


NO …NO …think NOTHING  …..just tra la li and see what happens:D:D:D

14 thoughts on “Day 5

    1. Thankyou Simon ….and hmmmm you might have a point on the coffee …not loads tho ….used to be a caffeine fiend and stopped it years ago in favour of green tea which I hated at first but now love ( see what I mean about thinking I was relatively healthy) …but anyway yes …a few months ago I bought some in for my niece and I had a cup with her …and when I think about it if I’ve been with a coffee drinker I’ve had one everytime …Hmmmmmm it’s easy to slip back I guess…BUT my biggie is the sweet stuff , you know chocolate and nice cakes etc:D:D:D
      Oh …and forgot …I AM an ex smoker too …I bet it’s that come back to haunt me!!!!
      Yep …in actual fact before settling down and having kids you could say I was a caffeine AND nicotine addict AND used to burn the candle at both ends quite a bit….never big on alcohol tho as it made me feel ill ….I guess it was motherhood brought with it my epiphany:D:D:D ….hmmmm you think your invincible at the time tho …..hmmmmm maybe THIS is my penance:D:D:D
      Maybe it IS like being in ‘rehab’ although I don’t have the luxury of ‘time off’ to go thro it:D:D:D
      Oh …what the heck …I’ll continue and probably never detox like this again as long as I live ….that’s if I survive it:D:D:D
      hmmmm these days it’s additives and preservatives even on food sold as ‘fresh’ …even some sold as ‘organic’ …..and then there’s the cosmetics and cleaning products not to mention air pollution …we’re kind of feeding on and bathing in toxic chemicals most unheard of prior to the 1950’s …that’s why so many folk seem to suffer ‘allergy’s’ these days I reckon ….and I don’t suffer with that sort of thing thank god ( touch wood as you can never say never) Ah well ….will see how it goes …sorry for the rambling reply:D:D:D

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      1. I loved your rambling reply. I asked because coffee gives a huge kickback when you detox, headaches the lot. But you’re right, it’s in everything. If you’re off milk too there’s a kickback from that as well. It’s the gluten, we’re not supposed to eat it you see.

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        1. Thanks ……And yes I LOVE milk and milk products too … know …cheese and yoghurt etc …..don’t think I could ever do the full ‘vegan’ thing ….although you never know …if I could spend more time sourcing and cooking ….AND have the doulas ….as for some reason this stuff is far too expensive ……hmmmm maybe one day I’ll be like this lovely elderly Iranian lady I met a couple of years ago …..this lady had worked as a gyanacologist/obstetrician in Iran and had to flee the country as she was considered ‘an enemy of the state’ …..members of her family had been killed ……she had this very modest little house but was largely ‘self sufficient’ ….she grew fruit, vegetables and herbs in her garden ….every morning she would take a photo ….either of the sunrise ….something growing in her garden or one of the meals she had made from its produce ….her photo’s were BEAUTIFUL they were like a celebration of ‘life’ ….we hit it off IMMEDIATELY ….she has to be the most sparkly elderly lady I have EVER met ….ANOTHER of those amazing people we seem to meet by chance:D:D:D
          Oh ….and I’ve just remembered she said to me ..if you do nothing else …just eat a daily portion of milk thistle ….she swore by it:D:D

          Hmmmm …must Google ‘Milk Thistle’ me thinks …it clearly didn’t do her any harm:D:D:D

          ANYWAY Have you ever ‘detoxed’ Simon?

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          1. I detoxed ages back and it dies cost a lot. But, once you get over the hurdle it’s worth it. You wake up in the morning and feel like you’re 10 or something.
            I’ve been thinking about doing a cut down detox as a lifestyle change rather than 21 days. So not as severe or expensive. But you inspired me.
            I must look up milk thistle too.
            Keep going. It will be worth it,😃


                    1. I’ve just said what it is …it’s a plant and it grows wild ALLOVER the place so you could forrage if you wanted tho I wouldn’t advise it as you might pick the wrong thing and poison yourself:D:D:D

                      Google it Simon ….it says it is used to prevent Cirrosis of the Liver …which is actually what kills alcoholics …but it also says it works as a detoxifier if you work in a polluted or office environment …which is what the Iranian lady said ….she said that she used to advise her patients to take it and took it daily herself as she said the liver filters the blood and absorbs ALL bodily toxins ….she said its action was as vital to the body as the hearts

                      It kind of makes sense therefore that to keep your blood clean the liver is the key organ to ensure no build up of toxins …..she was certainly a good advert for taking a daily dose of milk thistle ….no she didn’t look like a supermodel …but she was fit …sprightly …intelligent …funny …and look how much she had lost in her life ….EVERYTHING really ….I bet she never moped around crying ‘woe is me’ when she felt ill like me ….if she ever DID feel ill that is ….she did fill up when talking about Iran tho as she had loved her country:)

                      BUT you know what …she really did live a life of gratitude …I’ve been very fortunate to meet some lovely people during my lifetime thus far and this lady was DEFINATELY one of them:)

                      Anyway …goodnight Simon …yep am going to think of this lady as I go to sleep and just pack in this ‘woe is me’ business:D:D

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  1. Heyo Fijay!
    I hope you’re doin well! 😀
    I know this detox regime must be sucking the v life out you 😀
    But see it as it is sucking the life out of you to pump in absolutely fresh and rejuvenated life right into you (just trying to sound motivating 😀 )
    But seriously you can do it! Yes you can! 👍 :))

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    1. Awww bless you Antra …Thankyou 🙂 x
      Well I’ve been dancing with Sam earlier so am getting my energy back …I’m hoping to have increased it by the time I finish:D:D

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