The Woman Left Picking Up The Pieces ……

Well Well Well

So Mr Charisma f…ks up hands in his notice and it’s left to the woman to pick up the pieces :D:D:D ….Hmmmmm she’s going to have to try to ease the uncertainty in the family …..smooth the way …..try to patch up the f…k ups through as amicable seperation as pos before persuing the divorce in full:D:D:D

Good Luck Theresa!

A country currently more divided than at any time since the Second World War ….the majority of folk skint and struggling …..priced out and services cut to crisis levels ….a good first PM speech  …..a little influenced by Jo Cox maybe? ….but can she walk the walk?

Hmmmm I remember the last female Tory Prime Minister ….they called HER ‘The Iron Lady’ …..My god …. iron is very hard, cold and COMPLETELY inflexible

But Theresa?  … remains to be seen ….the proof is in the pudding ….hmmmm maybe this one is more  Teflon Coated with a flexible handle …..who knows?:D:D

And yes am on day 6 of the Detox …..a full on day at work too …. anger inducing things happening to folk ….hoping for miracles for all concerned 🙂

12 thoughts on “The Woman Left Picking Up The Pieces ……

    1. Yep …those are the qualities needed just now …at least we are no longer rudderless:D:D:D She’s got one HELL of a job …VERY tough just now ….time will tell Tony

      Just need Hiliary in your neck of the woods ….we live in very interesting times to say the least:D:D:D


        1. That would be HILARIOUS :D:D:D ……am good at recognising folks qualities and pushing folk a little but am NO leader OR Martyr …like to just tra la li and enjoy myself as much as pos:D:D:D
          Done my time on protest marches etc …..fought a number of battles …doesn’t stop me ranting from my sofa these days tho:D:D:D

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            1. Ha ha yes well …there’s me behaving like a lunatic dropping slips of coloured paper into egg displays and what did you do Simon?
              At least I get off the armchair SOMETIMES:D:D:D

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