Now then lad!

YOU got us into this mess ……now get your a..e in gear …AND CLEAR IT UP!!!

Foreign secretary FOR YOU!!!

YES you can be very funny ….we KNOW what you’re like when you present ‘Have I Got News For You’ AND how you pulled off the London Olympics ….but this is serious shit!!!

Quit the naughty public schoolboy bluster ..YOUR A MIDDLE AGED MAN!!! ….we KNOW your very clever if a tad eccentric …..we KNOW how many languages you are fluent in ….now pull your socks up and GET TO IT!!!

Oh goodness me ….the choice is inspired Theresa!:D:D:D …..I must admit …despite my own political leanings I do like Boris ……it’s all entertaining stuff this …..leaving the seriousness behind for a moment this is HILARIOUS :D:D:D:D

8 thoughts on “Now then lad!

    1. Agree Tony ….and you can imagine how THAT feels ….thing is if Boris didn’t have any power he CAN be very funny …..I’ve just done a post where I have added an episode of a TV series he sometimes guest chairs …and it’s always EXCELLANT when he does ….you might like to watch it if you get time Tony ….the man doesn’t seem to mind taking any stick and indeed laughs at his own absurdity …then again he is part of the privelaged class and can afford to do so ….he played a dangerous game with the leave the Euro campaign …but as Theresa May was a remain person she has had to balance her cabinet very carefully …..Boris’s new role is going to cause a stir for sure ….it’s either going to be an abject disaster like what has been caused by him whipping up Brxiters ….OR it will be a great success like he was as London Mayer and instrumental in organising the 2012 London only pics …we’ll see


    1. :D:D:D He’s not all he seems tho Kate ….he’s certainly no idiot but does play up the bumbling British upper class public schoolboy persona ….he’s very shrewd re finance issues and speaks numerous international languages fluently ….is very much into the notion of multicultural Britain and is a pretty creative thinker …he IS part of British aristocracy tho …a wolf in sheeps clothing …not to be underestimated ….and he has played a very dangerous game with his leave the eu campaign …he is not a Nigel Farrage tho ….now that guy IS an idiot

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      1. Didn’t get a notice about your response? glad I found it … interesting how media monopoly portray him as a fool? Guess they want to deflect from his multicultural perspective. Will be interesting to watch ..


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