Boris Style …..

Sometimes we get crushes on folk we KNOW we just shouldn’t right?  ……we kind of can’t help it :D:D …..and Ok when he’s having a harmless bit of fun chairing ‘Have I Got News For You’ it’s one thing

Click link below to see an episode …..if you don’t laugh out loud at least ONCE when watching Boris in this episode ( an old one admittedly) you really DO need to find your sense of humour button
And it has to be said that the 2012 Olympic Games DID lift the countries spirits …..(the Olympic torch LITERALLY covered almost every inch of the British Isles and was even carried past the end of our street!!!!  PLUS the opening ceremony when watched in its entirety was ….was….I don’t know how the rest of the world viewed it but we were open mouthed and thought it FABULOUS!!! …AND it all apparantly came in well under budget showing it’s not about how much you spend when laying on a good party ( and OK it cost something like £300 million ….but that’s pretty good by ‘Olympic’ standards I understand)

  1. The clip below OF the opening ceremony is for posterity for my grandchildren ( do blogs last that long I wonder? ……will WE last that long I wonder….ANYWAY) I wouldn’t expect anyone else to watch as it IS long:D:D:D
BUT for Boris to be given serious responsibility in parliament, playing on the world stage????   I tell you folks it’s going to be VERY entertaining if nothing else ….and actually lets NOT reign in his character …let Boris be Boris … will liven up any boring old international meetings for sure:D:D:D

Oh and don’t worry ….there’s always JC still stoically hanging on in there having been betrayed by the disciples, now carrying the cross all alone and being ridiculed ( as ever)……and yes I STILL have a crush on HIM  ……folk just don’t ‘get’ him and what he is about  ( oh THAT old chestnut :D:D )

Hmmmmm we lost Jo tho too ….who was the REAL promise for FUTURE  politics if you ask me  ……KILLED!!!! ……yes it was her funeral today and I can’t bring myself to think of it too deeply

And yes …yes …am well aware that there are bombings and shootings and atrocities going on ALLOVER the place

BUT ……you know what? …..For now I’m just going to put my feet up on the coffee table …chill back with hands clasped behind my head and continue my current bemusement with it all …… at least I’m not in any kind of position where I can do any damage:D:D:D

Day 8 of the detox

3 thoughts on “Boris Style …..

  1. I have to confess to having a hugely unsuitable crush on the mighty Boris – there’s just something about him, isn’t there? And he is just what we need right now, I’m sure of it. And if not, well, at least it will have been fun! 😉

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    1. Well yes ….if he can coralle the rest of the world like he does the ‘Have I Got News For You’ studio ….international relations should prove very entertaining indeed :D:D:D

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