Slick :D:D:D

Ok …so I was unable to sit with my feet up on the coffee table …hands clasped behind my head for long as I had to make tea ….whilst doing so had the radio on and a blast from the past came on ….SO had a bit of a boogie with THIS young man:D:D:D

Yep it’s Sam with the new haircut …..he was making me laugh saying  when he filed into class on Monday as he walked past Mr O’Conner he said  ‘Goodmorning Sam …looking slick’  and folk have been calling him ….’slick’ …all week which he seems to be pleased about:D:D:D ( He seems to really like his form teacher since parents evening …he was terrified of all his teachers before …in fact I think he was a little terrified of high school period …but as of next week he will have completed his first year unscathed ….phew!!!)

I must admit …not sure I like him ‘looking slick’ he looks much older than he did this time last week ….ah well ….here’s the music  ( click below) ‘Got to turnaround’   by  Phats & Small ……..  it’s a good one for finding your groove whilst the tea’s cooking :D:D:D

10 thoughts on “Slick :D:D:D

    1. Thanks Antra 🙂 ……..My baby is growing up:(
      He will still dance with me tho …not toooooo embarrassing for him YET …well in the privacy of the house at least:D:D:D

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      1. Haha! He’ll always be a baby for you, no matter how much he grows up :))
        You should also keep the child within you alive! Thats an easy way to stay eternally peppy and young 😀

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        1. Yep ……and RIGHT on cue as my boys are growing up …along comes Lottie …a GIRL to spoil …..HURRAH!!!:D:D:D
          It’s funny …when Lotties Mum ( my niece) first picked me up in her car a few years back my reply was …’This feels weird …you shouldn’t be old enough to drive YET ….it’s me that picks YOU up’ :D:D:D
          It’s just ‘life’ tho and the phases ….when I was cuddling Lottie last week Helena reminded me of the car incident and said ‘Well how do you feel about THIS one?’:D:D:D
          But I’m going to enjoy having a little girl to spend time with ….offer my services every now and again so that Helena and her partner can have some time on their own together which is CRUCIAL when you have children to prevent you drifting I feel ( you learn by your mistakes:)
          I’ll have to be fighting off my older sister tho I bet:D:D:D

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          1. Yeah! Thats so right Fijay. Life is nothing but these little moments weaved together which add to the enthusiasm of living it. And I have to tell you this thing that you’re really a v rare combination of kindness, sweetness, and vivacity. You’re super fun! You kill it lady ♡ 😀

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