• reblogging this one as for me Turkey is caught between a rock and a hard place on the world stage both strategically in terms of its physical place between Islamic countries and Europe AND politically …..I just feel for the ordinary people of this beautiful country …..they are having it TOUGH ….

Ok so we ALL have folk in power we are not entirely happy with….BUT democracy is the best thing on the cards at present ….they CAN’T resist the power of the next generation for ever tho

I’m thinking of the ordinary young people in Turkey and at the other side of the globe in equally troubled Venazuala just now .. YEP the great powers of the US, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and Europe …your gonna have to step down from top down thinking big guys ….the youngsters want collaborative stye leadership ….if your neighbours house is on fire it does not make you safe to lock your door

….transparency and non censorship is SO important…..fortunately we have the bloggosphere

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  1. Clear as mud but one thing for sure emerges: increasing totalitarianism. This is a world-wide trend. All the worlds’ “democracies” have succumbed to the innate corruption of capitalistic greed, so there’s nothing else but either religious or secular totalitarianism with the banksters running the show.

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